New Product Line for June 2018 – Shippers Supplies

Published on 06/14/18

Shipper’s Supplies is happy to announce some new products coming to our online store this month. Some of the new products included are our Aluminum Sideboard for Block and Brick, Dunnage Air Bags, and our new Aluminum E track bar for Sprinter Vans and Trailers.

New Product Line Released for June 2018

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Aluminum E Track Bar for Sprinter Vans and Trailers

Heavy Duty E Track for Vans and Trailers

Aluminum E Track bars are made mainly for Sprinter vans, work vans, and also trailers for keeping cargo secured in the cargo areas. Make the most out of your next move with E track bars for vans.

Quickly secure cargo to the walls of your sprinter van, work van, trailers and more in just seconds! Featuring a 2,000 lbs Break Strength that is distributed equally over the e track beams. Save room when moving by making the most of the room you have with our E track bars.

Aluminum E Track Bar Specs and Price


$44.95 Each

Length Adjustment Sizes

40 inch to 50 inches
45 inch to 55 inches
50 inch to 60 inches
55 inch to 65 inches
60 inch to 70 inches
65 inch to 75 inches
70 inch to 80 inches
75 inch to 85 inches

Aluminum Sideboard for Blocks and Brick

Aluminum Sideboard that is made for blocks and bricks are great for any landscapers or professional construction workers. The aluminum sideboard protects against shifts in loads and any potential loose bricks from tumbling away around a corner.

Aluminum sideboard can shrink the load times for securement. Previously, truckers would have to wrap the bricks with saran wrap, bubbles, or another method to keep the blocks together before being tied down.

Aluminum Brick Mesh Guards provide great protection as well as brick and block securement. Save time loading your rig as well as preventing damage claims from happening. Did you know? Truckers can expect on average to save over 20 minutes per load when using Aluminum Sideboard! That’s a lot of time in a years span if you move several loads of blocks, bricks, or concrete blocks a day.

When trucks are able to able to save money by keeping their trucking fleet on the road safely both truck drivers as well as trucking fleet owners save money. Aluminum sideboard also works great with products such as siding for a house, shingles for a roof, ceramic tile, and 50 gallon drums.

Aluminum Sideboard for Blocks and Brick specs

Aluminum Sideboard Side

Aluminum Sideboard 40 inch

Aluminum Sideboard for Block and Brick 40” x 24” starts at $69.95”

Aluminum Brick Sideboard 48 inch

Aluminum Sideboard for Block and Brick 48” x 30” starts at $79.95

Aluminum Guard

Our aluminum mesh sideboard is made from welded construction that keeps the highest quality assembly in the industry. The quality and peace of mind that you deserve as a professional truck driver and helping you remain moving on the road instead of fighting to keep tied down.

If you are looking to purchase for a fleet or order using bulk quality give our friendly team a call and we would be happy to assist you with shipping quotes at 800-444-0956.

Dunnage Air Bag Systems

Dunnage Air Bag

What is a dunnage air bag system and how can it help your shipping needs? A dunnage airbag is similar to how airbags in a car work. When inflated, they keep you safe. This is the same concept with your cargo load. When dunnage air bags are inflated properly it prevents any damage from occurring to boxes of cargo that are being transported both long or short distance. Prevent boxes of cargo from spilling, tipping over, or bouncing into each other to arrive at your final destination with the packages in the same great quality as they were loaded in.

Dunnage air bag inflator

Not only does this prevent damage claims and what may seem like endless amounts of paperwork due to the damage, but it keeps you rolling. The dunnage air bags can be for single use purposes as well as multiple uses when deflating and storing properly. They are incredibly fast to pump up, with the typical time for inflating being just under a minute in time.

Dunnage air bags can be the perfect way to save time in just 60 seconds alone. Our most popular size of Dunnage airbag is our 72” x 36” size. Perfect for securing the taller cargo you may run in to. Sold as individuals.

Steel Cargo Load Lock Bar

Paddle Bar

We are happy to announce our new Steel Cargo Load Lock Bar to our shipping fleet. Also known as a Steel Paddle Load Bar due to it’s handle, is the perfect way to keep cargo secured in the back of a tractor-trailer or pickup truck. Featuring it’s rubber feet that help prevent against load shifts as well as utilizing all of the space that is available inside of the truck bed or trailer.

Made from high quality steel this cargo bar is the most commonly used steel load bar in the transportation industry due to it’s size, cargo securement capabilities, and the low price point. Perfect for any cargo fleet owner or anyone looking to secure their cargo needs in the back of a pickup truck.

Cargo bars have the ability to be secured on the inside walls of a trailer providing more room to secure more cargo by organizing the space you have available. Save time by quickly securing with the cargo bar and quickly unload your cargo to make the most out of your time on the road.

We can manufacture Steel Cargo Load Lock Bars in just about any length. Give our Paddle Bar experts a call if you need it in a custom size or length at 800-444-0956.