3 inch Winch Straps

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3 inch Winch Straps for Flatbeds and Flatbed Trailers

3 inch Winch Straps for Flatbed Trailers are designed for some of the heaviest and oversized cargo on the roadways. This is one of our highest working load limits of any straps for the flatbed trucking and flatbed trailer industry and should only be used by professional flatbed truck drivers and not around the house cargo securement. Our 3 inch Winch Straps are available in different lengths, colors of webbing, as well as a variety of different end fittings. Some of our different end fittings include our popular Flat Hook, Wire Hook, and Chain and Hook. We can make winch straps in just about any length of tie-down webbing, but the most common lengths are by far 27 feet long and 30 feet long.

These winch straps are tightened by using a winch bar installed along the rub rails of the flatbed trailer and do not use traditional tie-down hardware such a Ratchet Hardware to secure the cargo. This makes replacing straps or purchasing new straps much more affordable all while becoming safer and saving time between loads. 3 inch Winch Straps for flatbeds are extremely durable and are made from high quality and yet durable polyester webbing material blend that provides a great amount of strength with a very little amount of stretching.


3 inch Winch Strap Hardware Working Load Limit
Flat Hook 5,400 lbs
Wire Hook 5,400 lbs
Chain and Hook  5,400 lbs


3 inch Winch Straps