5 Cargo Control Products Every Construction Site Needs

Published on 06/21/18

Here are our 5 favorite cargo control products every construction site needs

5 Cargo Control Products Every Construction Site Needs

In the construction industry, there are a lot of moving parts. Machinery and people alike should always be moving in order for your company to succeed. However, there is one thing that should not be moving, and that is your cargo while it is being transported!

With all the chaos that comes with a construction project, loss or damage of items in transit could be a huge setback to whatever construction project you may be working on. It may seem overwhelming trying to find the best products for your transportation needs, so the following is a list of some of the best cargo securement products to fit your construction needs!

Cargo Control

Two Inch Ratchet Straps

Two inch ratchet straps are some of the most versatile ratchet straps on the market today. They are by far our best selling ratchet strap size due to the virtually endless amount of uses for the product. Two inch tie downs are commonly used for cargo securement on tractor-trailers, pickup trucks, moving vans, trains, cargo ships, and more! This speaks greatly to the versatility and durability of the two inch ratchet strap. This is a strap that has been trusted by professionals from many different industries to transport important cargo safely.

Many ratchet straps are made from nylon but our straps are made from a polyester blend. This makes them more resistant to the elements, and reduce the amount of stretching by 50%. If individuals in the moving and transportation industries can trust these straps, so can you! Our two inch ratchet straps are rated at 915 pounds, 1466 pounds, or 3335 pounds depending on what kind of hardware attachment you choose, so these straps are more than capable of doing any heavy lifting you might need!

Aluminum Sideboard

Aluminum Sideboard

Aluminum sideboards are a must have for anyone in the construction industry! When hauling concrete block, brick, and other types of masonry products, it is important to make sure that these items are locked in and secured in place. These aluminum unimesh sideboards were designed solely for that purpose!

Aluminum sideboards are lightweight and reusable and are compatible with any type of ratchet strap you already have, so buying special straps is not an issue! They are even designed in such a way that resists rubbing and scratching of your straps against the sharp edges of the bricks or blocks, extending the life of your straps exponentially and distributing the weight of the straps across the load evenly.

Aluminum sideboards are extremely easy to use as well. All you have to do is place the metal brick guards on the sides of your load and tighten down the ratchet straps you would normally use to strap down your loads. This is a much faster and safer alternative to the normal technique of wrapping each pallet of brick with a tarp or shrink wrap.

For individuals and companies that transport masonry products often, aluminum sideboards are a great tool that will save you time and money! They are primarily used in the transportation of masonry, but that is not the only thing aluminum sideboards can be used for. Ceramic tile, roofing shingle, and chemical companies that transport 50-gallon drums are all examples where aluminum sideboards can be used.


Recovery Straps

When working in difficult terrain with heavy machinery, things don’t always go as planned. Heavy machinery is crucial to most construction projects so having it stuck for any amount of time results in lost time and money. Having recovery straps on your job site can get you out of a mess and back to work in no time at all! Our recovery straps range in size from 2” all the way up to 12” with web breaking strengths go up to 110,000 pounds so pulling out heavier items will not be a problem!

Before recovery straps, chains were primarily used when pulling out vehicles. Chains do not stretch at all and are much more likely to snap, causing serious damage to you or your equipment. Recovery straps are made from a thick nylon webbing which allows them to stretch and relieve the amount of tension placed on the items being towed or hauled, so the likeliness of breaking is greatly reduced.

E Track

E track is often used in the backs of semi trucks, moving vans, and other transportation vehicles, but its uses extend far beyond the transportation industry. For the construction industry specifically, it can be a versatile tool capable of transforming any work site.

E track has many uses, and one of those uses is organization. Construction sites can become extremely disorganized during the chaos of a large project, but with E track, the organization is made easy! E track can be used to store ladders, lumber, drywall panels, shovels, rakes, and so many other tools that would otherwise be carelessly placed on the ground or leaned up against a wall.

E track can also be used on the road by mounting it in the back of a pickup or flatbed. Horizontal e track on the inside of a pickup truck is a great way to separate and organize loads using things such as load bars and cargo nets. Construction sites are chaotic enough as it is, so make things easier with e track! E track can and increase the organization and efficiency of any construction site! Check out the video above for a quick look at E track systems!

Ratchet Straps

Four Inch Ratchet Straps

Four inch ratchet straps are the strongest and most durable straps offered for cargo control purposes. Our four inch ratchet straps are made from a high quality polyester blend that repels water and other damaging elements while reducing the amount of stretching by 50%! With Working Load Limits of 5400-5670 pounds depending on hardware, the strength of the four inch ratchet strap is unmatched by any other cargo securement strap.

The ratchet mechanism for a single strap is 12” long and weighs nearly 10 pounds so there are no questions about the strength of our four inch ratchet straps! There is also an option to add Cordura sleeves to your ratchet strap to prevent damage to the strap and the item that is being strapped down. On a construction site, these straps can be used to haul heavy machinery and almost anything you might need secured for transportation.

The construction industry is characterized by strength and durability, so the tools you use should be characterized by the same things! Shipper’s Supplies strives to meet all of your needs and provide you with great quality products that will help you get the job done! For custom orders or questions about our products, give us a call at 800-444-0956 and one of our expert staff members will be happy to help you!