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E Track Load Bars for Load Securement

E Track Bars can also be known around the industry as E Track Load Bars, Load Bars, Cargo Bars, and E Track Beams. Some of the perks of using e track bars are the wide variety of different customization options that include different lengths, materials, and securement options such as Welded Hoops. Some of our popular products include Garment Beams, Wood Beam Socket Ends, Welded Hoops, and Logistic Sleeve. If you don’t see exactly what you are looking for give our friendly experts a call at 800-444-0956 and our team would be happy to assist you with your E Track Bar securement needs.

Aluminum E Track Load Bar – Can also be known around the industry as shoring beams and are one of the best methods to secure your load from potential load shifts from sharp corners, incorrect securement practices, or when using the brakes of the trailer. These can normally adjust from 93 inches wide to 102 inches wide depending on the width of your trailer. These utilize the strength of E Track systems that are installed into the flooring and the walls of the trailer to utilize the strength of the trailer to keep your load secured.

E Track Steel Shoring Beam – This beam is very similar to our Aluminum E Track Load Bar but uses steel that makes the bars more affordable. The most common sizes of Steel Shoring Beams is 96 or 102 inches by far. As they are made from steel these bars are slightly heavier than our aluminum beams. These steel bars feature 1,500 lbs breaking strength that is evenly distributed over the length of the beam.

E Track Steel Shoring Beam with Welded Hoops – This beam is made from the same great materials as our E Track Steel Shoring Beam but utilizes welded hoops to give you more surface area to keep boxes from tipping over. There is nothing worse than having a package arrive from an online order only to realize the box had been tipped over in transit and will need further time to get you a replacement. This bar greatly reduces the chance of boxes and other cargo at risk of falling over during transit. E Track Steel Shoring Beam with Welded Hoops can be found in lengths of 96 inches or 102 inches depending on personal preference and trailer width.

Warning WARNING: Cargo bars do not have load ratings due to the varying conditions of trailer sidewalls. Ratings that are on the aluminum beams and steel beams are based on and tested at an evenly distributed weight.

E Track Bars