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Cargo Nets for Cargo Securement

Cargo Nets are designed for commercial cargo securement or in use in the back of pickup trucks to hold cargo in place and prevent cargo from tipping over during transit. Cargo nets in recent years have become extremely popular due to the simplicity and user-friendly to hold cargo in place within a matter of minutes. Cargo nets are made from the same tie-down webbing material used in other tie-down straps such as Ratchet Straps and Cam Buckle Straps. This helps to prevent stretching which could otherwise cause your cargo to tip over or come out of place while on the road.

Some of the added benefits of polyester webbing are by far its added durability out in the elements, direct sunlight from the sun’s UV rays, cold temperatures, rain, snow, and strong winds are some of the many reasons behind polyester webbing being used. Truck Cargo Nets not only can help prevent cargo from shifting but also help to save time by being able to quickly secure and unload cargo once it has reached the next destination. Cargo Nets are designed to hold many different types of cargo in places such as boxes, cargo, groceries, household goods, pallets, or household goods in place during transport. This makes cargo nets an ideal method of securement for cargo vans, pickup truck beds, the professional trucking industry, and commercial cargo securement applications.

Our heavy-duty cargo nets are designed to save first-time movers, professional movers, professional truckers, and those who ship cargo often fewer damage claims per year. There is nothing worse than ordering a product online, waiting several days for the package to ship, to then realizing that the package had tipped over during transport and has been destroyed. This happens all too often for customers around the United States and we have created our improved cargo nets to help play a part in preventing customer frustration, easy securing, and fewer damage claims. As online orders are becoming more common this can either make or break a repeat customer’s business with your company and the reputation of your company as well.

Frequently Asked Cargo Net Questions

What hardware fittings do cargo nets use? – Cargo Nets utilize E Track Fittings to connect with e track systems that are installed along the walls of the trailer or moving van in order to utilize the strength of the walls. E Track Fittings can attach to numerous different securement points along the rails which provides you with many different angles to secure the cargo.

Can you use Cargo Nets in Commercial Applications? – Absolutely, these are extremely helpful for professional delivery drivers, trucking fleets, and professional movers for everyday use. By using cargo nets you can save time securing, money from fewer damage claims, and provide you with peace of mind knowing your cargo remains in place.

What size are cargo nets? – 50 inches by 82 inches are the general size of cargo nets we offer. This features 6-inch square openings and 2-inch wide polyester tie-down webbing that is used and (4) Cam Buckle Straps with S hooks. There are 8 different grommet anchor points to make sure to fit any traditional 8-foot pickup truck bed industry standard and tractor-trailers. These cargo nets include Vinyl Coated S hooks that make securing the cargo nets versatile and incredibly easy to use.

Can you customize cargo nets? – As being a leading manufacturer of tie-down straps in the United States we do have the capability to make just about any form of a tie-down strap that you could imagine. Chances are if you need it larger, different color of webbing or a strap that is completely custom made we can make it. If you are interested in learning more about our custom-made capabilities give our team a call at 800-444-0956 today.

Cargo Nets