Packing Supplies

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Packing Supplies

We have a variety of different Packing Supplies available. Rubber Moving Bands, Stretch Wrap, Stretch Wrap Handles, Packing Tape, Packing Tape Dispensers, Dunnage Air Bags, and more. We have the packing supplies you need to make your move successful.

Rubber Bands for Moving

Rubber Moving Bands can be used to secure moving blankets and furniture pads on items when being moved or stored. They are also great for holding cabinets drawers shut. Movers rubber bands stretch to approximately double their size. They come in sizes 26”, 30”, and 36”.

Stretch Wrap

Stretch wrap (also called stretch film or plastic wrap) is a highly stretchable plastic film that is wrapped around items. It helps hold shipments together while protecting from dirt and moisture. The elastic recovery keeps the items tightly bound. We have several sizes and dispenser handles available.

2” Packing Tape

This packing tape is sturdy and durable. It will give you safety and security for your boxes. Packing tape provides a great combination of flexibility and price and performs well in many applications. We have several quantities of tape available as well as a professional packing tape dispenser which makes taping a breeze.

Dunnage Air Bags

Dunnage Air Bags are great for filling empty space in your trailer so your load does not shift. They provide convenient and cost-effective cargo stabilization in sea containers, closed railcars, trucks, and oceangoing vessels. They improve road safety by filling the void between the cargo. You will need an inflator nozzle to inflate and deflate these bags which we also have available.