2 inch Cam Buckle Straps

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2 inch Cam Buckle Straps

2 inch Cam Buckle Straps are amongst one of the most popular types of tie-down straps in the United States. One of the many reasons that they have gained traction in the last decade is due to the ability to secure cargo without the risk of over-tightening which in return could cause damage to your cargo. This makes these straps great for those who are securing valuable cargo, antiques, or personal belongings that can not always be replaced with money.

2 inch Cam Buckle Straps can be made in a wide variety of different end fitting hardware such as S Hooks, E Track Fittings, Plate Trailer F Hooks, Wire Hooks, Flat Snap Hooks, and more! Along with the various amounts of hardware, you can also have the strap made in almost any color of polyester tie down webbing and length of webbing as well in order to help you make the perfect cam buckle strap.

2 inch Cam Buckle Straps are similar to our 1 inch Cam Buckle Straps but they are rated for a higher working load limit (WLL) which provides you with a heavier duty cargo securement. It is crucial that you never exceed the working load limit tag that is located on your tie-down strap as it is dangerous to do so. If your cam buckle strap or tie-down strap does not have a working load limit tag they are unsafe to use and should be replaced as they are not allowed to be used according to the Department of Transportation industry standards.

How to Tighten a Cam Buckle Strap Instructions

1). Press the Release Lever to open the Cam Buckle Strap.
2). Slide the strap in through the back of the Cam Buckle hardware and out through the front. – Do not feed through the front of the strap.
3). Tighten the excess slack to the desired strength of your cargo.
4). Once you have reached the desired strength of your Cam Buckle Strap ensure that the Cam Buckle Hardware is completely closed and you are good to hit the road!

Did you know that one of the advantages of using Cam Buckle Straps over Ratchet Straps is that it is very hard to over-tighten your cargo securement? This prevents damage claims and cargo becoming damaged from being over-tightened.

How to Release a Cam Buckle Strap Instructions

1). When you arrive at your next destination and you are ready to release your cargo simply open the Cam Buckle Hardware completely open.
2). Next, pull the webbing back through the Cam Buckle to untighten the excess slack to release the webbing.
3). Once you are done you can store these straps in a safe and dry location to be used at a different point in time.