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Tent Straps

Large professional sized tents that are made for parties, weddings, graduations, or professional business setting must be anchored down to avoid any potential weather. This has been done traditionally by using White Ratchet Straps made from White Polyester Webbing. Tent Straps are used for frame and pole tents to remain upright and they must be properly secured by anchoring to the ground with tent stakes. There is always a chance that the loads imposed on a tent stake will exceed its ability to resist that load. When installing tent straps with tent stakes installers must always plan ahead for high winds, heavy rain, poor soil conditions, and other advserse weather conditions that could happen causing damage.

The roof is tensioned voer the poles that are attached to the tent straps at their desginated spots around the edges of the tent. The tent ratchet straps are anchored to the ground using tent stakes around the peramieter of the tent in order to create load balance. High winds can make securing tents one of the harder tasks to tie down as winds can easily shift direction and can not always be measured by strength of winds attempting to move your tent.

We can make your tent straps any length and with any hardware.  When it comes to setting up a tent, it is always important to have the right equipment.  Ratchets, rings, hooks, and other tent hardware need to be sturdy and reliable.  We offer a full line of hardware for almost any tent.  Long tent stakes are a must-have for any medium to large tent.  Also, make sure to get the right frame fittings and tent straps.  We can custom make any size ratchet straps to the length you need and match them to any piece of hardware so that they can be useful for any of your projects.  We can even print your company name on the straps.  Call us at 800-444-0956 to get your customized tent tie down straps!

Tent Straps are used to tighten large tents down and secure them to the Tent Stakes in the ground. We have several different types of straps to use for this purpose including ones with Snap Hooks, Cambuckles, Ratchets, O-Rings, D-Rings, S-Hooks, Wire Hooks, 1 inch, 2 inch, and more. We even have a place for you to build your own.

WARNING: Do not ever exceed the working load limit of any strap or hardware at anytime. Caution should be used at all times when tightening and releasing ratchets.