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Moving Blankets, Furniture Blankets, and Moving Pads

Moving Blankets are also known around the industry as Moving Pads, Furniture Pads, or warehouse blankets. One of the main purposes of moving blankets is protecting those sensitive surfaces from scratches. There is nothing worse than purchasing furniture, only to have wooden surfaces damaged or destroyed during your move. Moving Blankets over the last couple of years has become known to professional moving companies as a cheaper insurance. Moving blankets protect surfaces but also can protect relationships for many companies who ship or move orders for customers every day.

Some of the main reasons Moving Blankets make for such a great protection for surfaces or wooden furniture is the layers of fabric materials that make up a Moving Blanket. The method in which moving blankets are made include woven S pattern stitching, heavy layers of moving blanket fabric, as well as the stitching itself is very detailed. All of these combinations amount to the success behind moving blankets being popular all around the shipping industry and moving industry. We carry a wide variety of different moving blankets here at Shippers Supplies such as our budget moving blankets, lightweight moving blankets, traditional moving blankets, and our heavy duty moving blankets.

Although these moving blankets are used a lot by professional movers they are great for personal use as well. When making your first time move it is important that you plan ahead and decide how many moving blankets you will need for your next move. Traditionally a dozen moving blankets per room is the amount of moving blankets that is the most common. Some of the things to think about using moving blankets on include wooden surfaces, tables, desks, glass surfaces, pictures, and other sentimental items that sometimes money can’t just replace.

It is recommended that when using moving blankets to use oversized rubber bands that you can find on our website as our alternative to rubber bands our stretch wrap. Moving Blankets can potentially come off during transportation if not secured during the move the risk of moving blankets coming off removing your protection to your surfaces is high. Normally one or two rubber bands is more than enough to help get the job done throughout your move. Stretch Wrap film is the alternative to using oversized rubber bands for moving blankets securement. Stretch Wrap Film can be known as a stretch wrap or plastic wrap and is used to wrap around cargo to keep moving blankets protection during your move. You can find both plastic wrap and our oversized rubber bands located here.

What are Moving Blankets?

Moving Blankets can also be known as Furniture Pads, Warehouse Pads, or even Moving Pads. Moving Blankets are used to help prevent damage as well as scratches from occurring by helping protect against sharp edges causing potential scratches. Before Moving Blankets had become such a viable tool for the Moving Industries it was common to receive tables at a new home or office that was extremely scratched up from sharp edges rubbing against the surfaces during a move.

Moving Pads can offer a great solution for items being placed in storage due to their layers of protection as well as helping to keep items dust free as well. Moving Blankets can offer a wide array of different alternative uses to moving blankets such as protecting couch surfaces from family pets. Although the main job we recommend for Moving Blankets is protecting sensitive surfaces from scratches during transportation as this is what they were made to be used.

Types of Moving Blankets

There are several different types of moving blankets when considering what size works best for you. The three main types of Moving Blankets include Lightweight, Traditional, and Heavy Duty Moving Blankets for professional use. No matter if you are planning on a one time move or a professional mover we have exactly what you need when looking for moving blankets. Here at Shippers Supplies, we have been producing quality shipping supplies for the professional trucking and shipping industry for over 25 years. We understand the importance of having quality products such as our moving blankets to help get the job done right.

The one thing that is common throughout all of the moving blankets is the size dimensions being 72 inches tall by 80 inches wide. This is the perfect size for moving blankets to cover most surfaces that are found around the house such as tables, chairs, bed frames, as well as refrigerators being protected during your move. If you don’t see exactly what you are looking for in a moving blanket give our moving blanket experts a call at 800-444-0956 and our team will help give you the best recommendations for your next move.

Lightweight Moving Blankets

Lightweight Moving Blankets are made for more lighter duty applications or moves that may be more limited such as a one time use. Some of the great perks of having lightweight moving blankets are the weight makes it easy to move around a dozen moving blankets as well due to the lighter weight in the fabric. Although they are lightweight they are still made to be able to protect surfaces during a move.

Lightweight Moving Blankets may also be called as budget moving blankets as they are the cheaper moving blankets selection as fewer materials are being used. Moving Blankets amount of protection is usually determined by the weight of the blankets. Traditionally the more weight per dozen moving blankets the more protection due to the number of materials being used and thicker layers of fabric. Although lightweight moving blankets are great lightweight blankets and provide a good level of protection to your surfaces they may last for a limited time.

Traditional Moving Blankets

Traditional Moving Blankets are our normal weight moving blankets that are considered more of a medium weight. Traditional Moving Blankets may also be known as Regular Moving Blankets and can be known as the in-between of lighter duty and heavy duty. This is the ultimate protection for most moving applications; although we do have our heavy duty moving blankets for that extra peace of mind and more sensitive surfaces.

All of our moving blankets are sold either by the Individual Blanket, Packs of four or by the Dozen Moving Blankets. If you don’t see exactly what you are looking for your application give our moving blanket experts a call at 800-444-0956 and our team will help assist you with finding the perfect moving blanket.

Heavy Duty Moving Blankets

Heavy Duty Moving Blankets are our heaviest moving blankets in both weights and in protection. They are heaviest in weight due to the heavy amount of materials that are used to make them. Our Heavy Duty Moving Blankets are great for professional uses or for someone who may plan ahead to do multiple moves. The heavy duty moving blankets provide the ultimate protection as well as peace of mind when moving. Heavy Duty Moving Blankets can be washed although we do not recommend doing so due to the potential weakening of the moving blankets materials.

Some of the perks of using heavy duty moving blankets over traditional or lightweight moving blankets are they offer the heaviest protection layers in the industry. They are great for numerous moves while being incredibly durable for moves to come. These moving blankets are the reason so many professional movers and professional trucking industry uses them so often. If you have any valuable items or extra sensitive items such as a nice wooden dinner table you may want to take the extra precaution and use these moving blankets. Heavy Duty Moving Blankets are also perfect for those items that may not always be able to be replaced such as sentimental items or high-end valuable items you may have.