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Moving Blankets

Moving Blankets can also be known around the professional moving industry as Moving Pads, Furniture Pads, or Warehouse Pads. One of the main purposes of Moving Blankets is protecting sensitive surfaces from receiving those pesky dents, dings, or surface scratches that could destroy your valuables during a move. No matter if you are a first-time mover or a professional full-time mover there is always the risk of damaging goods in the middle of your move.

Moving Blankets helps eliminate the potential damage that could occur to wooden surfaces, glass surfaces, or any other sensitive surfaces that may be older such as antiques. We understand that accidents are prone to happen during a move but reducing the risk during your move can make the difference between a horrible moving experience to a great moving experience by having all of your packaged goods arrive damage free. Moving Blankets have been labeled by professional movers as cheaper insurance or peace of mind due to the amount of protection they can provide.

Moving Blankets are very successful due to their heavy protection for surfaces through the use of multiple layers of heavy duty fabric and stitching that is used to help make up a Moving Blanket. Part of the heavy duty strength of moving blankets comes from its Woven “S” Stitching Pattern that helps weave the fabric to be durable and able to protect surfaces through the numerous layers of fabric. Traditionally the more layers of fabric equal the more weight of the moving blanket and the more protection the moving blanket is able to offer.

All of these combinations of how a moving blanket is made are used to help create the overall strength of the heavy duty moving blankets for the professional moving industry and shipping industries. We provide three different strengths of Moving Blankets that provide different levels of protection for different budgets.

When wrapping moving blankets around the cargo, surfaces, or other valuables during your move such as TV’s the one important step that you may want to take is using oversized rubber bands to secure the Moving Blanket during transportation. You can simply tie the large rubber bands around the valuables that are being protected by a moving blanket to prevent the moving blanket from sliding off during your move causing surfaces to be exposed to damage.

We have also heard numerous feedback from professional movers who have told us that stretch wrap film can also be known around the industry as plastic wrap. It is extremely recommended to completely cover the moving blanket with stretch wrap to ensure the strength of the plastic wrap lasts throughout the move.

What are Moving Blankets?

Moving Blankets is one of the most widely known industry methods to ensure cargo that has sensitive surfaces do not become scratched during moving that may cause the cargo to become damaged or in some cases needing to be replaced. Some of the different names around the industry for Moving Blankets include Moving Pads, Furniture Pads, Warehouse Blankets, and Warehouse Pads. Although the term Moving Blankets are the main name for the heavy duty blankets around the shipping and professional trucking industries.

One of the biggest challenges professional movers face during a move is preventing sensitive surfaces from becoming extremely scratches up from sharp edges rubbing against the sensitive surfaces during a move. Although it may seem like your cargo is protected by using proper securement techniques such as tie down straps any bumps in the road or sudden movements can cause these surfaces to rub.

When surfaces tend to rub you can usually expect damage to be present as wooden surfaces and other surfaces such as TV’s can be incredibly fragile. Although the main purpose for Moving Blankets by far is for protecting cargo some of our customers have provided feedback that these heavy duty moving blankets can make for excellent soundproofing to remove excess noise but as this is the not the main job for moving blankets we could never guarantee that this works for everyone.

The Different Types of Moving Blankets

There are three main different types of moving blankets when trying to determine what size will work best for your application needs. These different sizes of Moving Blankets include Lightweight Moving Blankets, Traditional Moving Blankets, and Heavy Duty Moving Blankets. The one common thing between these three moving blankets is the size of 72 inches tall by 80 inches wide as the industry standard size of moving blankets.

Our standard size of moving blankets is the perfect size to cover most surfaces such as tables, chairs, tv’s, refrigerators or wooden bed frames just to name a few. If you are planning to use a warehouse pad or moving blanket to protect valuables going into storage we recommend our heavy duty moving blankets as they tend to last longer.

Generally speaking the more material a moving blanket has the higher levels of protection they offer to surfaces as well as how long they last. Heavy Duty Moving Blankets are reusable and are made to be extremely durable for multiple moves. However, our lightweight moving blankets may last a more limited time and have a more limited level of protection compared to our other levels of moving blankets.

If you have any questions about any of our different sizes of moving blankets or if you would like some recommendations from our moving experts please give our friendly staff a call at 800-444-0956 and our team will do our best to help you find the perfect furniture pad.

Lightweight Moving Blankets

Lightweight Moving Blankets are made for lighter duty applications or moves that require a more limited time use such as a one time move. Some of the great perks of having our lightweight moving blankets are the weight of the blankets make it easy to move or transport around due to the lightweight polyester and cotton blend fabric. Although lightweight moving blankets are light in weight they are still able to provide great protection for surfaces during a move.

Lightweight Moving Blankets may also be called budget moving blankets as they are the more affordable moving blankets selection as fewer materials are used to create them. Moving Blankets are usually rated by the weight of each dozen moving blankets as an industry standard. Moving Blankets can be sold in singles, packs of four, and by the dozen moving blankets. The real main difference between our lightweight blankets and our heavier blankets is the lightweight blankets may last a more limited amount of time such as one or two moves traditionally.

Traditional Moving Blankets

Traditional Moving Blankets are our standard weight of moving blankets and are considered our medium weight or regular moving blankets. Traditional Moving Blankets are the in-between weight between our lightweight moving blankets line and our heavy duty moving blankets line. If you are looking for a great amount of protection for items going in to storage or if you may move several times and need that extra layer of peace of mind for wooden surfaces or other surfaces that may receive scratches easily you will want either our Traditional Moving Blankets or our Heavy Duty Moving Blankets as they offer heavy duty protection.

Heavy Duty Moving Blankets

Heavy Duty Moving Blankets are our heaviest duty moving blankets for both protection and in weight per dozen. Heavy Duty Moving Blankets are the heaviest moving blankets we offer due to the sheer amount of materials that are used to make each blanket. These blankets are made from numerous layers of our polyester and cotton mesh blend that utilizes materials that are made to last as well as providing great protection.

Heavy Duty Moving Blankets can be washed but we strongly discourage against doing so as it may weaken the fabrics over time. The fabric for heavy duty moving blankets is made to last for numerous moves as well as professional movers who might use these blankets regularly compared to our lightweight blankets that may only last a few moves at a time.

We strongly recommend heavy duty moving blankets for any items that may not always be able to be replaced such as sentimental items, high-end valuables, as well as easy to scratch wooden or other sensitive surfaces. We have had great feedback from some of our customers who have even used our heaviest duty moving blankets to protect computer monitors, TV’s, and pictures just to name a few of the many different uses.

If you have any questions regarding any of our moving blankets or other products found on our website feel free to call our moving experts at 800-444-0956 or by using our contact form located here. We appreciate the opportunity to help you with all of your moving needs.