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Moving Blankets & Moving Pads

Moving Blankets also known as Furniture pads, Moving pads, or warehouse pads are blankets that are specially made of heavy fabric with the intended purpose being to protect sensitive surfaces from scratches.

Some of the main reasons moving blankets make for such a great protection is from the The material, weight, and binding are the main factors to consider when choosing the right blanket. We carry a wide variety of furniture pads, from lightweight one to two-time use, too heavy duty blankets that provide more protection and longevity. These movers pads are used by professional moving companies and are great for personal use too.

We carry items such as stretch wrap and rubber moving bands which are recommended to keep the moving blankets secured throughout the transportation process. You can simply use the giant-sized rubber bands to get a snug fit over the top of the moving blankets to prevent the blankets from potentially falling off. Stretch wrap is also a very easy choice by simply wrapping around the moving blankets with the item you want to protect under the blankets. Stretch wrap is quick to secure and easy to unwrap making for a perfect alternative moving blanket hardware.

Stretch wrap film can be known as stretch wrap, plastic film, pallet wrap, and plastic wrap. The way that stretch wrap film gets its name is through using a plastic sticky material in order to simply drag and wrap around an item and secure it. Unlike Ratchet Straps, plastic wrap is used to bundle items together, rather than securing cargo down. Stretch wrap is a plastic film that is used more or less to keep items together and prevent any pallets being shipped loads shifting or becoming ungrouped.

What are Moving Blankets?

Moving blankets (also known as Furniture Mover Pads, or Warehouse Pads) help prevent damage and scratches when moving by acting as a protective covering. Moving Pads also are a good solution for items placed in storage because they provide protection as well as keeping items dust free.

Moving blankets also can offer a wide array of different alternative uses such as protecting a couch from scratches from family pets. Protecting any leather seats in the backseat of a car for any long car rides with your household pets. Preventing of any wooden surfaces you are moving of having any damage from rubbing against any potential sharp objects. As well as being used as a sound dampener for the crystal clear audio you have come to love for any podcast or recording studio.

Types of Moving Blankets

There are several different types of moving blankets such as lightweight, traditional or regular moving blankets, and heavy duty; or professional use moving pads. No matter if you are the one time mover or professional mover we have moving blankets for every need to get the job done. We take pride in the quality of our moving blankets

The one thing that is in common with all of the moving blankets is the dimensions being 72 inches tall by 80 inches wide for all of moving pads selections. The weight of the fabric is ultimately going to be determined by the amount of fabric used for different levels of protection with the heaviest fabric offering the most protection while moving.

Lightweight Moving Blankets

Lightweight moving blankets are made for lighter duty applications that require lighter protection in order to keep the surfaces scratch free. Our lightweight selection moving blankets are made of lighter fabric and single-use moves. Perfect for those who are planning on the one-time moves. Our lightweight cargo blankets come in our standard size of 72×80. The lightweight moving blanket selection is the perfect blankets for those who may not plan on doing multiple moves and are looking to save some money in the process.

Although the moving blankets may be lightweight they are still made in order to serve there purpose as providing protection during their move. Lighterweight moving blankets are more for the one time use compared to our heavier duty moving blankets that could be used for reoccurring uses. These lightweight moving pads are the perfect economy moving blankets.

Traditional Moving Blankets

Our traditional moving blankets are our regular weight moving blankets made from polyester woven fabric that is perfect for protecting against most scratches that may occur during a move. Great for protecting wooden surfaces, glass surfaces, TV’s, as well as any dining room table you plan to move.

Traditional or regular moving pads are the most commonly used moving blankets due to their great protection and price point. Our moving blankets come in the industry standard of 72×80 inches in size and are made of thick heavy duty polyester and cotton mesh fabric. Our moving blankets are also made with double lock stitching quilts.

Heavy Duty Moving Blankets

Our heavy duty moving blankets are the highest quality and heaviest duty material made blankets. They are also the heaviest in weight due to the amount of heavy fabric they are made from. These are great for any professional or for someone who plans on doing multiple moves as they hold up really well over time and can be washed but are not recommended due to the potential weakening of the moving blankets.

Some of the perks to using the heavy duty over the lightweight or traditional moving blankets as the heavy duty moving blankets provide the ultimate protection to any surface the moving blanket covers as well as protecting against potential dings, scrapes, scratches, or any other damage that may occur throughout a move. Perfect for any high-end valuable items you may move or items that simply can not be replaced with money. These blankets are sold to individuals as well as by the dozen.

Single Moving Blankets for Sale

If you plan on moving a few items during a move our single moving blankets pads may fit your needs better. We sell our single moving blankets in a lightweight, traditional or regular, and our heavy duty selections. The moving pads that are sold in individuals work best for individuals who are able to make multiple trips to their moving location as they can cover individual important items multiple trips. However, if you plan on moving all of your possessions at once then the dozen moving blankets may fit your needs more.

Dozen Moving Blankets for Sale

If you plan on moving multiple items at a time such as moving across the country or for a long distance and don’t plan on making multiple trips then our dozen moving blankets would probably be better for convenience for you. If you plan on stocking a fleet with Moving Blankets give our friendly sales team a call at 800-444-0956 and we would be happy in assisting you further with fleet pricing.