How to use Moving Blankets for Sound Dampening

Published on 05/18/18

Moving Blankets have become essential in the professional trucking and professional movers industry as a way to make sure cargo arrives at its destination with as little to no damage as possible.

But did you know that moving blankets also can be used for sound dampening for crystal clear audio playback?

Moving Blankets can be used to reduce noise and create great sound dampeners, in other words, reduce excess noise from traveling. In order to do so, you will need some heavy duty moving blankets, some sticky glue, as well as about 30 minutes of time. Firstly, you will decide if you want basic noise canceling without lightweight moving blankets, our regular for an extra layer of sound reduction, or our heavy duty for the most noise reduction that we can offer.

Soundproofing using moving blankets

As crazy as it may sound at first some of the best ways to reduce sound in a recording studio, a room with tons of excess noise, or an area that just can’t seem to stop producing noise. This is caused mainly by the Moving Blankets heavy duty stitching as well as part of the way they are made from the stitching and design pattern of the moving blankets.

How to use Moving Blankets to Reduce Excess Noise

In order to use Moving Blankets for sound dampening, you will need to choose your style of moving blankets you intend on using. We have lightweight, regular weight, and heavyweight moving blankets that are all great noise suppressors.

If you plan on going with the lightweight material the material is less which may not give as much of a crystal clear sound you are looking for but are great if you plan on doing a quick and cheap DIY sound dampening or proofing project.

When hanging Moving Blankets on the walls it is important to give about a 2-inch space between the wall and the Moving Blankets. You can hang these by doing numerous different tricks such as using curtain hangers being the most popular. Hanging Moving Blankets 2 inches from the wall is not required to reduce sound but it is definitely a nice extra touch.

Lastly, you will need to determine how you anticipate on hanging the moving blankets. Some users will typically use the traditional nails, thumbtacks, or using sticky tac which a glue-like residue surface that quickly allows for the walls to be secured with moving blankets and also prevents potential holes in the wall in the locations. When hanging it is important to hang from 4 different points. Traditionally, the top left and top right, followed by the bottom left and bottom right corners.

How to Reduce Echoes by using Moving Blankets

Moving Blankets stitching can help reduce echoes in a room or recording studio by helping to trap the sound waves. You can do this simply by having the moving blankets in the room, however, it is much better to hang the moving blankets up on the walls.

Moving Blankets Recording Studio

Here is an example from one of our customers who used our heavy duty moving blankets in on a track that allowed the customer to create a nice little area inside of her room to record music with.

No matter if you plan on recording a podcast, a movie voice-over, or you plan on producing high-quality audio our moving blankets are the perfect budget way in order to produce high-quality audio files.

If you have any questions regarding any of our products or moving blankets that are used for soundproofing exclusively please give our moving blanket team a call at 800-444-0956 and we would be more than happy to assist you further by answering any questions you may have.

Perks of Soundproofing

When using soundproofing you can expect a noticeable drop in echoes in the room or space you are recording your audio track in. Simply from having moving blankets, you will notice a drop in noise pollution or in other words you will notice a large drop in the background sounds being absorbed leaving you with an enhanced sound quality.

Sound absorbing through moving blankets can greatly make any amateur recording sound professional through removing all the excess static, white noise, and pesky echoes.

When it comes to the best sound absorbing moving blankets on the market Shipper’s Supplies has exactly what you have come to love. Featuring the 72×80 industry standard size of our moving blankets and our high quality S Stitching Pattern Design that helps deter all excess sound from appearing in recordings. Although moving blankets are primarily used as protecting cargo from getting destroyed throughout the moving process there are definitely some strong perks to using moving pads as a form of removing the excess sound.