Jack Load Bars

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Jack Load Bars for Cargo Securement

Jack Load Bars are designed similar to Load Lock Bars and are used by applying outward pressure in order to stay in place and help prevent cargo from sliding, tipping over, and saving space in enclosed trailers. Jack Load Bars use a different mechanism compared to some of our other bars in order to apply pressure and are very similar to how a car jack works. You simply “pump” the handle to extend the bar in order to apply an outward force to keep it in place to desired strength to hold your cargo in place securely during transport.

There are several different types of Jack Load Bars such as our Round Jack Load Bar with Welded Feet, Square Jack Bar, and our popular Square Jack Bar with Bolt-on or Welded Hoops. Hoop kits are designed in order to create a larger surface area in order to secure larger or oddly shaped cargo more evenly to prevent the cargo from sliding or tipping over during transport. As the name implies these bars can either be bolted on or welded on in-house at Shippers Supplies if you prefer a more permanent solution.

Shippers Supplies also stocks a wide variety of replacement cargo bars parts such as Weld-on Feet, Bolt-on Rubber 4” x 4” Feet, Replacement Foots, Replacement Handles for Jack Bars, as well as Rubber Replacement handles. If you have any questions about our Jack Load Bars, need a custom-made jack bar, or are interested in our replacement parts please give our cargo bar experts a call at 800-444-0956 or by using our online contact us form located at the top of the website. We look forward to assisting you with all of your cargo bar securement needs.

What are Cargo Bars?

Cargo Bars (also called cargo load locks or load distribution bars) are steel or aluminum beams that are used to organize cargo or hold it in place. This is to prevent damage to the cargo. Some bars hook into a track system such as e-track, and some use pressure against the walls of a trailer or truck bed to stay in a place like a Jack Load Bar.

Warning WARNING: Cargo bars do not have load ratings due to the varying conditions of trailer sidewalls. Ratings that are on the aluminum beams and steel beams are based on and tested at the evenly distributed weight.

Jack Load Bars