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Moving Supplies for your Next Move

Moving Supplies are used by first-time movers and professional movers every day to make moving easier. Moving Supplies can range from Moving Blankets, Moving Straps, 4 Wheel Dollies, Hand Trucks, Appliance Dollies, or even Packing Supplies like packing tape for boxes. No matter if you are moving across town or moving across the country moving supplies can keep you and your cargo safe in place by preventing personal belongings from tipping over or coming out of place causing damage.

Shippers Supplies has been in the professional moving and shipping industry for over 25 years and we understand not everything that becomes damaged during a move can be replaced. A few of the popular products include our packing supplies, moving blankets, and dollies that can make moving less stressful knowing that your load is safely loaded and secured.

Moving Supplies help moving from house to house easier for both first time movers and those who are professional movers in moving vans.

Moving Blankets for Protecting Sensitive Surfaces

Moving Blankets are one of the main types of moving supplies as they are so crucial in keeping goods that are being loaded coming out in the same condition. Moving Blankets are made with a polyester-cotton blend that provides layers of material as shields with an ā€œSā€ pattern stitching design that gives the blankets the ultimate strength and durability. Moving Blankets can be wrapped around surfaces that are prone to be scratched such as Wooden tables, Cabinets, Construction Materials, Automotive Body Panels, items going in storage, or glass surfaces that sharp edges could easily scratch or even in some cases destroy.

When it comes to moving sensitive cargo moving blankets are an absolute must for professional movers and professional shippers. There is nothing worse than buying a new dining room table only to arrive at your new house and notice the table has been destroyed during the move and needs to be replaced. There are three main different types of moving blankets with different levels of protection for each.

The Different Levels of Protection from Moving Blankets

Lightweight Moving Blankets – Lightweight Moving Blankets are the lightest moving blankets in weight but are one of the best cost-effective blankets that we offer in our online store. These moving blankets offer a good level of protection for most surfaces and are light in weight making for an easy way to transport these blankets upstairs or around the house. The average weight per dozen blankets can vary but ranges between 54-64 lbs per dozen lightweight blankets. These blankets should not be washed and may last a more limited time compared to our heavier duty moving blankets selection. You can view our lightweight moving blankets selection here.

Traditional Moving Blankets – Traditional Moving Blankets are our standard moving blankets and are our in-between lightweight and heavy-duty moving blankets level. Traditional Moving Blankets offer a better level of protection for most wooden and glass surfaces and are heavier in weight per dozen blankets than our lightweight moving blankets. These blankets use more material than our lightweight moving blankets and offer more protection to your surfaces as they use more material in the manufacturing process. The weight per dozen of these blankets can vary but normally average between 78-87 lbs per dozen blankets. These blankets are reusable and are recommended for professional movers or someone who moves personal belongings often. You can view our traditional weight moving blankets selection here.

Heavy Duty Moving Blankets – Heavy Duty Moving Blankets are our heaviest duty moving blankets and use the highest amount of material to create these blankets. These blankets offer the ultimate protection between your sensitive surfaces and the blankets to absorb most scratches, dings, and other obstacles that could rub against the surfaces along the way. Part of the reason these heavy-duty blankets are so popular for professional movers as one of the most important moving supplies is the durability of the blankets. These blankets utilize a lot of material and weigh approximately 83-93 lbs per dozen of material that makes offer the highest level of protection barriers between the outside and the sensitive surfaces you are protecting. You can view our full selection of heavy-duty moving blankets here.

Moving Straps for Securing Belongings

Moving Straps are tie-down straps that are designed for moving applications in the back of a pickup truck, pickup trailer, or moving van that allows you to keep your boxes, furniture, and other household items such as appliances secured during transport. This prevents loads from tipping over or becoming damaged during transport. You never know when a sharp corner, quick brake, or sudden lane change could happen to cause your load to tip over on your personal or customers’ belongings. You can play your part by finding straps that are rated for your application’s weight and hardware such as E Track Fittings, Wire Hooks, and S Hooks located here.

Cam Buckle Straps – Cam Buckle Straps are one of the most commonly used moving straps in the shipping industry as they are light in weight, simple to use, and very cost-effective. Cam Buckle Straps are simple to use as they use a Cam Buckle Hardware to thread tie-down webbing through and when you get to your desired tightness for your cargo you simply close the buckle and the strap is held in place by the cam buckle. This allows for a quick installment as well as being able to quickly get back on the road. One of the many perks of using Cam Buckles over other hardware such as Ratchet Hardware is that is very hard to overtighten cargo using Cam Buckles as it is tightened by using hand strength. This prevents customers’ personal goods from becoming destroyed from over-tightening straps with straps such as ratchet straps. You can view our full selection of Cam Buckle Straps here.

Ratchet Straps – Ratchet Straps are one of the most commonly used types of moving straps as they are the most commonly used tie-down strap. These straps utilize Ratchet Hardware that flows in one direction giving you a tighter securement with every turn of the ratchet. This helps you become certain that heavy cargo such as appliances, beds, furniture, tables, cabinets, or construction materials stay in the back of a pickup truck or trailer during transport. Ratchet Straps come in 1 inch, 2 inches, 3 inches, and 4 inches wide polyester tie-down webbing depending on your securement application needs and can be used to secure just about any weight of moving supplies. Part of the reason Ratchet Straps are so popular is the wide variety of Tie Down Hardware that can be used for almost any custom securement application needs. You can view our full selection of Ratchet Straps here.

4 Wheel Dollies

4 Wheel Dollies can also be called moving dollies and they are one of the best solutions to moving awkwardly shaped furniture such as love seats or chairs. As there are several different types of 4 wheel dollies you can also find specially made dollies such as our popular Rubber Capped Piano Dolly that is made moving heavy wooden pianos. You can view our full selection of 4 wheel dollies in our online store by clicking here

Appliance Dollies and Hand Trucks

Appliance Dollies are dollies that are designed to move heavy appliances such as refrigerators, stovetops, kitchen counters, microwaves, ovens, and other appliances that can help you safely move heavy household goods. Part of the reason behind the importance of using Hand Trucks is protecting your back from otherwise physically picking up these heavy oddly shaped objects that could easily cause injuries if otherwise not using hand trucks. It is also important to remember to use hand truck covers when possible in order to protect against surfaces becoming scratched that could cause long-term damage to wooden, glass, or other fragile surfaces. Hand Truck covers utilize the same material as Moving Blankets which creates layers between your appliance’s surfaces and the blankets materials making this a super important tool for any professional mover.

Packing Supplies to Make Packing Easier!

Packaging Supplies include everything from Moving Rubber Bands for securing moving blankets around surfaces, stretch wrap, packing tape, and dunnage airbags that are inflated to keep heavy boxes in place in the back of a moving van. All of these packing supplies help make your next move that much easier and are important to include on moves. When using Packing Supplies you can help reduce the amount of stress of needing to run out and pick these supplies at your local hardware store and risk not being in stock. Pick up supplies to go with your next moving adventure by clicking here to see our full selection of packing supplies.

Moving Supplies