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Flatbed Supplies

Flatbed Supplies are used on flatbed trailers to help secure and transport loads of cargo that are heavier and much more challenging to move. This can be due to numerous different factors such as size, shape, or weight is the most commonly used reasons for flatbeds. This can make finding a method to secure cargo extremely difficult to get a great securement point for transportation.

Some of the most popular types of Flatbed Supplies include Load Straps, Winch Straps, Chain and Binders, Corner Protectors, and Coil Racks. Flatbed products can help you minimize the amount of danger from securing such oddly shaped or extremely heavy-duty cargo for transport. If you have any questions about any of our flatbed supplies give our flatbed securement experts a call at 800-444-0956 and our team will be happy to help answer any questions you may have. You can also contact us by using our online contact us form located “here” if you prefer to send us a message.

Chain Binders

Chain Binders can be known around the industry as Lever Chain Binders and are used to bind chains together when securing loads. Chain Binders work by utilizing chain binders that use pieces of chain to form a tight securement. Although chain binders ultimately have industry standards such as the most common being Grade 70 (G70) Transport Chain it can be customized such as the width and length of chain that is needed. Chain binders include a lever that is able to bring the two ends of the chain close together and secure cargo by locking the chains into place.

The second type of Chain Binder is known around the flatbed industry as a Ratchet Load Binder and is used to tighten the chain to hold your cargo into place. They are made from steel construction materials and include a handle that provides great leverage when tightening without the risk of becoming injured during tightening. These are some of the heaviest duty materials in the industry and are made to last. If you don’t see exactly what you are looking for give our experts a call at 800-444-0956 or by using our online contact form “here”:https://www.shipperssupplies.com/contact-us

Flatbed Load Straps

Flatbed Straps can consist of numerous different combinations of Tie Down Straps such as Ratchet Straps and Winch Straps that are designed to be specifically used for applications on flatbed trucks and flatbed trailers. Flatbed Load Straps are our heaviest duty straps in both weight securement limitations and the number of materials that are used to secure the cargo with. Our flatbed straps are made from polyester tie-down webbing that is used as it stretches very little when in use to help prevent load shifts or straps to fail.

Ratchet Straps – Ratchet Straps work by using a Ratchet Hardware Mechanism that with each wind of the handle the strap becomes tighter as the ratchet flows in one direction. Once the ratchet strap is to desired tightness the strap is locked into place and can not become weakened or untightened as the mechanism design flows only in one direction. When you arrive at the cargo’s final destination the cargo can be loosened in seconds simply by opening the handle completely and pulling the excess polyester webbing out from the ratchet. This is why Ratchet Straps are widely popular with professional shippers and truck drivers alike as they are extremely reliable.

Winch Straps – Winch Straps are one of the most common types of tie-down straps used for cargo securement on the back of Flatbed Trailers with the use of winch track systems that are installed along the sides of the flatbed trailers. Winch Straps can be placed inside of the rails of the flatbed trailers creating a simple to use and time-saving method to secure heavy-duty and oddly shaped cargo that normal tractor-trailers can not always secure cargo with.

If you have any questions regarding any of our load straps or flatbed winch straps you can give our flatbed supplies experts a call at 800-444-0956 and our team would be happy to assist you further with finding the perfect strap for your application. Shippers Supplies is one of the largest custom-made tie-down straps in the United States and we have the capabilities to custom make just about any kind of custom-made strap if you don’t see exactly what you are looking for chances are we can make one!

Flatbed Winches

Flatbed Winches can be installed along the sides of a flatbed trailer and can be used to help secure oddly shaped cargo or some of the heaviest cargo on the road. Sliding Winch Track and Slider Winches are the main hardware that is installed to make winch straps able to secure the cargo at different securement points along with the flatbed. Sliding winches as the name implies are able to slide along the rails of the trailer allowing for secure placement of your winch straps to be extremely versatile in the securement locations to fit just about any load securement demands that are thrown at you on the road. We also have a selection of Winch Bars that make securing and releasing tie downs a breeze.

Transport Chains & Binders

Transport Chains and Binders are an extremely valuable asset when it comes to securing loads on the back of a flatbed trailer. We have many different options for Chain and Binders giving you various different Working Load Limits (WLL) depending on the strength your cargo securement requires. The most common chain we sell for the professional trucking industry by far is Grade 70 (G70 Chain) and is heat-treated to provide the ultimate strength for cargo securement.

Transport Chain & Binders meet all of the requirements of the Department of Transportation (DOT) for truck tie-down usage and safety requirements. Some of the different sizes of chains we have in our online store include our 5/16” Transport Chain, 3/8” Transport Chain, and 1/2” Transport Chain. We also have a wide selection of different Chain Binders that can be used to help secure cargo easily. Some of the different types of Binders we have include Ratchet Chain Binders and Lever Load Binders.

Corner Protectors

Corner Protectors can be known around the industry as Strap Protectors, Corner Protectors, Tie Down Strap Covers, and Plastic Corner Protectors just to name a few of the many popular names. Corner Protectors play a part in the cargo securement for Flatbed Trailers by providing a protective edge material to protect your cargo as well as being able to protect your straps from sharp edges that could cause cuts and burn marks, or even straps to fail in certain circumstances.

Corner Protectors are one of the best ways to help prolong the lifespan of your tie-down straps to last even longer. By using corner protectors you can help your straps stay in like-new conditions by preventing friction from occurring. Some of the different types of corner protectors include 2-inch Rubber Corner Protector, 4-inch Plastic Corner Protectors, Deluxe Corner Protectors, and our popular Aluminum Sideboard for Blocks and Brick. Corner Protectors can be a difference-maker for those who ship often as a long-term investment for almost any tie-down strap or straps that are used often.

Oversize Load Flags & Safety Flags

Oversize Load Flags may also be called around the professional trucking industry Oversized Load Flags, Safety Flags, Oversized Signs, and Semi Safety Signs to name a few of the many different names around the flatbed industry. Oversize Load Flags are incredibly necessary when transporting certain loads of cargo to make other motorists sharing the roadways aware of your heavy or widely shaped cargo that could pose a danger if other motorists are not being careful. Remember to make sure to check out the Department of Transportation (DOT) safety guidelines for specific regulations in your area. You can visit the Department of Transportation’s full website regarding all of the procedures to follow in your area here

Coil Racks

Coil Racks are specifically designed in order to keep steel coils on the back of a flatbed trailer in place as well as being able to raise them off of the surface of the trailer. This is done by using wood blocks that provide a cradle for the coil to be secured with the appropriate amount of chains and tie-downs to fit your securement needs. Shippers Supplies coil racks are made with reinforced ends and come in both 32” and 39” lengths to fit the vast majority of flatbed securement needs for coil racks. If you have any questions regarding any of our coil racks or other flatbed supplies give our experts a call at 800-444-0956 or by using our online contact us form located here

Rubber Tarp Straps

Rubber Tarp Straps can also be known around the industry as Rubber Tarp Tie Down Straps and are a great solution for a variety of light tie-down uses. We carry two different sizes of Rubber Tarp Straps including the sizes of 21 inches and 31 inches long and are available in quantity sizes of 50. If you have any questions or if you are looking for recommendations from our tie-down experts please give our friendly experts a call at 800-444-0956 and our team will provide our industry-leading knowledge to help keep your cargo secured.

Warning WARNING: Increasing the leverage on a ratchet or winch by the use of cheater bars, pipe, etc. is not recommended and can cause injury to user and damage to ratchet.
Flatbed Supplies