Dunnage Airbag Inflators

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The Different Types of Dunnage Airbag Inflators

Dunnage Airbag Inflator with Trigger – This Dunnage Air Bag Inflator has a Push and Lock Valve for quick deflation and an Industrial Spring Valve. It also has an easy click and quick connector tip that swivels 360° for ease of operation and offers consistent pressure every time.

Compressed air enters the inflator chamber through a small nozzle at high velocity. Quickly deflate the airbag by inserting the rear nozzle into the valve and pushing the trigger. The compressed air will suck the air from the bag quickly and completely.

Eagle Air Dunnage Inflator – The eagle air inflator has an air relief flapper and extension handle for hard reach locations. It is lightweight but durable and quiet. The fast fill rate and modulating air flow with no trigger make filling dunnage bags a quick and easy job. It can also quickly deflate the airbags so unloading your load is fast and smooth.

Pro Air All-Metal Inflator Gun – This airbag inflator has a durable aluminum body and aluminum venturi barrel for fast inflation. The press fit tip and o-ring will give you a consistent fit on the dunnage bag valve every time. The long trigger gives you a secure grip when filling and deflating bags. The venturi barrel provides increased airflow up to 21.5 meters per second compared to trigger styles that only produce 19 meters per second.

Pro Air Trigger Airbag Inflator – The Pro Air Trigger Airbag Inflator can fill at 19 meters per second and includes a built-in safety that blows excess air out of the rear of the gun once the desired PSI has been met to prevent overfilling. The nozzle tip is designed to latch into our Level 1 Dunnage Bags and the nozzle on the rear of the gun is used to deflate the airbags. Pro Air Trigger Airbag Inflator is made from a lightweight aluminum body which provides excellent durability and a flapper that enables trigger release without air loss.

PF-CAB Portable Airbag Inflator – The cordless design allows you to fill airbags quickly and without the hassle of having to run an airline to each dock door. This inflator allows you to easily get in tight spaces to fill your dunnage bags and make sure your cargo is secure during transit. Includes portable airbag inflator, 18-volt battery, shoulder strap, and is extremely easy to use.

PF-CAB Pro Portable Inflator – This cordless, portable airbag inflator has a click-on head and click-on automatic trigger for hands-free operation. It is ergonomic and lightweight and the capable motor fills bags to the optimum pressure of 2.0 PSI.

The cordless design allows you to fill airbags quickly and without the hassle of having to run an airline to each dock door. This bundle includes a 21V Battery, Charger, and Shoulder Strap. The 21V battery is designed to recharge from empty to full in around 2 hours of charge time.

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Dunnage Airbag Inflators