Recovery Tow Straps

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What are Recovery Tow Straps?

Recovery Tow Straps are used to pull a vehicle. These come in a variety of widths, plys, and break strengths. They can be used to recover a vehicle from a ditch, or also to pull it down the road.

When towing heavy items it is very important to have proper tow straps for safety purposes. Our straps are built to tow small to large and heavy loads. Choose from 2” to 12” straps in both single ply and 2 Ply. Our 12 inch straps provide more surface area, causing less stress on the items your towing. Recovery straps are also effective in towing. These straps are built with thick nylon webbing which offer some amount of stretching as to relieve stress on the strap ends. The nylon straps come with 8 to 12 inch Cordura eyes.

1 Ply Tow Straps

1 Ply Tow Straps are made with a single layer of material.

2 Ply Tow Straps

2 Ply Tow Straps are made with two layers of material.

Anchor Shackles

Anchor Shackles are used with our towing and recovery straps to greatly extend the life of the straps by providing a smooth attachment point.

WARNING: Never exceed the working load limit of any recovery tow strap at any time.  If operator has any doubt as to if the strap is within capacity or how to use properly, DO NOT USE. Tow straps are not to be used at anytime as a lifting device and failure to comply to this warning can result in serious personal injury. Operator assumes all responsibility upon the purchase of this product.