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E Track Rail Systems for Cargo Securement

E Track is known around the cargo securement and professional trucking industry as E Track Rails and is one of the commonly used accessories to any Dry Van, Enclosed Trailers, Tractor Trailers, and Car Haulers. E Track systems are one of the best ways to secure cargo by using the strength of the trailer to secure cargo. E Track rails are installed along the walls and the flooring of the trailers giving you the ultimate versatile installation to find the perfect securement location.

One of the reasons E Track is so commonly used is E Track can be installed both Horizontal and Vertically depending on the securement applications that you use often. The most commonly used size of E Track is 8 feet long sections however we can also sell rails in “2’, 4’, 8’, 90 inches, and 10 feet being the largest sections of rails. Once E Track rails are installed you can use a wide variety of different e track hardware such as E Track Bars, E Track Straps, E Track Beams, as well as our popular E Track Fittings with D Rings.

Shippers Supplies has everything you need in order to get started with using E Track Systems for your application needs. If you aren’t secure exactly what works best for your application needs give our experts a call at 800-444-0956 and our experts will do our best to assist you further. You can also contact us by using our online contact us form located here

What is E Track?

E Track also sometimes spelled as Etrack is a logistic industry track that is popular in tractor-trailers and pickup truck trailers to secure cargo. E Track allows for quick and easy cargo securement using E Track Straps or Shoring Bars. E Track is traditionally installed in several different rows at different heights or widths apart.

This allows for connections in multiple different locations to help secure the cargo from different angles. Not only can E Track help secure cargo, but it can often help separate cargo with the use of Load Bars and Wood Beam Sockets to build decks or levels. This helps utilize the full amount of space inside of your trailer.

Horizontal E Track vs Vertical E Track

Horizontal E Track – is best used for transporting cars, bikes, motorcycles, snowmobiles, UTV’s, and cargo securement. E track makes cargo securement a breeze with the ability to align the horizontal E track pieces with the side of the trailer walls, ceiling, or even floor of the trailer that you intend on using for cargo control. This allows for cargo equipment to be quickly attached and detached within seconds. Horizontal E Track works best with vehicle transportation; although it works great with its main purpose of cargo as well.

Vertical E Track – is best used when transporting cargo in the back of professional trucks and trailers. Vertical E Track can be used in conjunction with shoring beams to keep cargo from shifting during transportation. This helps prevent against loss of your load or damage that could occur during the shipping process. There is nothing worse than arriving at your destination and realizing that your cargo was damaged due to a load shift in a quick movement.

If you need any help with deciding what E Track works best for your application our E Track experts are here waiting and would love the opportunity to help you. Give our team a call at 800-444-0956 or by using our contact form at the top of our website today!. Our team will do our best to help find the best cargo equipment for your application needs. We appreciate you giving us the opportunity to help with all of your cargo control and cargo securement needs.

The Two Main Types of E Track Straps

There are two main types of different E Track Straps that are used in the back of pickup trucks and trailers. One of these straps is Cam Buckle E Track Straps and the other being E Track Ratchet Straps. Both of these straps are used for cargo securement which is why Polyester Tie Down Webbing is used so the cargo stretches very little and remains secured in place.

E Track Ratchet Straps – E Track Ratchet Straps come in both 1 inch and 2 inches wide varieties and are made from polyester tie down webbing that stretches very little. These straps can be latched into place in E Track rails that are run along the walls and the flooring of trailers or moving vans and can be tightened into place using Ratchet hardware that flows in one direction. This allows for the tightest and most secure way to keep your cargo from moving out of place in the back of a tractor-trailer, dry van, or pickup trailer.

E Track Cam Buckle Straps – E Track Cam Buckle Straps come in 2 inch wide tie down webbing and are also made from our popular 2-inch polyester tie down webbing that stretches very little. The main difference between this strap and E Track Ratchet Straps is this strap is tightened by hand strength using a Cam Buckle instead of using a ratchet that could potentially overtighten if you are not being careful. Cam Buckle Straps go great for customers’ sensitive cargo, antiques, and bundling cargo against the wall to stay organized and save valuable space in trailers.

How E Track Can Save You Time

One of the best ways to save time in the transportation and cargo industries is through the use of E Track systems. E Track will not only save you loads of time but can increase safety all while saving you money by staying on the road longer. E track is the ideal cargo bar for anyone who is a professional trucker, a professional mover, or someone who transports a lot of cargo. E track is one of the easiest cargo methods to install in any truck, trailer or enclosed trailers that allows utilization of the walls that make the most of the space available.

Truckers typically get paid by the load so making the most of the available space inside of the truck’s walls or semi-trucks trailer can be a difference-maker. This can keep you on the road for longer due to its ability to secure cargo quickly. A typical space using E track Straps or Tie Down Anchors can be secured within just a few minutes.

What is the Most Common Size of E Track Rails?

The most popular size of e track rails by far is our 8-foot sections of rails as they are much more cost-effective to ship as one of the main reasons. A few other reasons include being able to install the rails quicker by already having the rails more evenly leveled compared to smaller sections. A few things it considers when purchasing these rails is if you intend on securing vertically or horizontally as the applications and the size of the rials you purchase may be greatly different depending on applications. We often see professional shippers use more horizontal types of bars whereas more limited applications use vertically installed e track.

What Applications are E Track Great for?

We often hear from a wide different variety of customers who are using e track to secure cargo in moving vans, cargo vans, pickup trailers, pickup truck beds, semi-trailers, box trucks, car haulers, and many more. The main difference for a majority of these different types of straps is the straps that the drivers are using to secure the cargo with. Some drivers may prefer to use cam buckle e track straps to prevent damage to the customer’s cargo whereas others may prefer the ratchet e track straps hardware to get a tighter securement. There is also a broad variety of different securement applications with our popular e track cargo bars that latch into place to hold boxes or skids in place without the risk of moving.

How to Install E Track Rails

The best way to install horizontal e track and vertical e track rails begins with preplanning how you are intending on installing the rails. You will need to measure using a tape measure for walls that are straight or by using a string followed by measuring the length of string if the walls of the trailer are curved or bent inwards. Depending on the surfaces that you are installing the e track into you may consider things such as screws, nails, or other traditional hardware of your choice. We’ve also heard of customers welding their e track into the walls of the trailer for a more permanent solution in some cases. No matter how you choose to install the e track rails you will want to make sure the weight securement for the e track is the same from one end of the track to the other to ensure the heaviest and safest way for securement.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Colors Do E Track Rails Come In? – The two main colors of e track rails for horizontal and vertical e track are powder coated in black or come in galvanized steel as the two main options based on availability. These are based on personal preference but both of the e track rails offer the same great protection.

Can you drive vehicles over these without crushing them? – Yes, these are extremely heavy duty and it will not hurt them by having vehicles, ATVs motorcycles, or cargo going over them. We have heard many customer success stories from professional automotive shippers who have never had any issues using our e track.

How Long of E Track Do I Need for my Trailer? – Ultimately, you will want to first determine what kind of cargo you are going to be working with. If you are someone who ships often or someone who may have a wide variety of cargo you will want to give yourself wiggle room with more anchor points than the rails provide. If you are doing the same application over and over only then you can get away with a smaller amount of rails in a more fixed location. Our normal orders are generally enough e track rails for the entire trailers’ needs, but on occasion, we get bikers who are only using several pieces to keep their bikes tied down during the next adventure.

How Long Does E Track Last? – This can greatly change based on the amount of use as well as the weight of the cargo but generally you can expect e track to last more than several years for most customers. Some professional truck drivers or professional movers who ship heavy cargo several times a day may expect something slightly less. Although as long as the e track is secured properly and the e track and straps are still in good condition there really is no short-term lifespan and we have heard of stories from several customers lasting over ten years.

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