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Flatbed Winch Straps for Flatbeds and Flatbed Trailers

Flatbed Winch Straps have become one of the leading methods of tie-down securement for the flatbed trucking industry over the last decade. Winch Straps are extremely affordable in price and are used to secure some of the heaviest and oddly shaped cargo on the roadways in North America. Flatbed Winch Straps are available 2 inches wide, 3 inches wide, and 4 inches wide and are used as a cheaper alternative to other straps such as Ratchet Straps.

The main difference between these straps and other straps such as ratchet straps is winch straps are tightened by using a winch bar that is installed along the rub rails of the trailer. This removes the need for a 7 lb ratchet hardware that can be quite expensive compared to winch straps that do not require a ratchet to be tightened.

The most commonly used lengths for winch straps are 27 feet long and 30 feet long winch strap varieties. Winch straps are designed to utilize the winch track that is located on the side of the trailer in order to combine the strength of the trailer along with the heavy-duty tie-down design making it easy to keep the heaviest cargo secured safely. All of our Flatbed Winch Straps are visibly and clearly labeled with a Working Load Limit (WLL) tag that provides you with the straps rating in order to keep you and the cargo you are securing safe during the next destination. We also include a statement of compliance with the Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance (CVSA) and follow all of the Department of Transportation (DOT) general guidelines for tie-down straps.

Benefits of using Flatbed Winch Straps

Affordable – Flatbed winch straps are the much more affordable alternative to using ratchet straps for flatbed trailers. In most cases replacing a ratchet strap securing the same weight of cargo will cost more than double that of alternative winch straps in the same width. Replacing winch straps is a much more affordable option for professional trucking fleets and is able to be extremely durable and strength infused when it matters most for cargo securement.

Weather Resistant – Winch Straps are created from a polyester tie-down webbing blend that does great out in the elements such as snow, rain, ice, direct sunlight, strong winds, hail, cold weather, and extremely hot weather elements. We often hear rumors of winch straps losing strength when wet and using our straps that is simply not the case.

Time-Saving – We often see drivers able to secure a load within minutes using winch straps compared to several more minutes using ratchet straps. The main difference is getting onto the truck to tighten ratchet straps vs being able to tighten winch straps by using a winch installed on the side rub rails of the trailer. The same goes for when you arrive at your next destination and are in need of unloading as well. When being on the road is the main source of income every second counts over time and being able to secure a load in half the time can become quite the difference-maker.

Durability – One thing that is extremely important for professional flatbed truckers is knowing that your cargo is secured during transit. Our winch straps are extremely heavy-duty, durable, and designed to last so that you can focus on driving while we help you improve the safety of your load.

Working Load Limit Tag – All of our winch straps have a clearly visible working load limit that is printed on the side of the strap. This is to ensure that the straps you are using are correctly rated for the cargo that you are securing. If you find yourself using flatbed winch straps that are not labeled or printed with a working load limit they are unsafe to use and could face potentially fines from the Department of Transportation depending on the state.

Custom Made Winch Straps – Custom Made Winch Straps are the perfect solution for those oversized loads that require a custom-made strap to secure. No matter if you need a custom length, company name stencil on the webbing, color, or hardware we have you covered from start to finish. If you are interested in learning more about our custom-made winch straps give our experts a call today at 800-444-0956 or by using our online contact us form located at the top of the website. We look forward to assisting you with all of your custom winch strap needs!

Frequently Asked Flatbed Winch Strap Questions

How many winch straps do I need for a flatbed trailer? – At the absolute minimum, you should always have at least 10 winch straps on hand at any given time with 10 corner protectors. This allows you to have one corner protector per strap and allows you to have extras in case a strap were to break, become damaged from friction burns, or cut from sharp edges.

Do you need to use corner protectors with winch straps? – You do not have to use corner protectors in order to use winch straps. However, we strongly encourage everyone to use corner protectors as they are a cheaper investment to make your winch straps last for longer instead of buying entirely new winch straps.

What colors do winch straps come in? – The most commonly used winch strap colors that are used for our straps are Yellow, Orange, Red, and Blue. If you are wanting to purchase a winch strap outside of these straps it will need to be custom made in most circumstances for an additional price. If you are interested in completely custom winch straps you can give our experts a call at 800-444-0956 or by using our online contact us form located at the top of the website.

What is the working load limit of 4-inch winch straps – Most 4-inch winch straps are rated for 5,400 lbs working load limit for flat hooks, Delta Ring 5,600 lbs working load limit, and 4-inch custom winch straps with wire hooks are 5,670 lbs. You may find some straps with a heavier duty working load limit and some straps with less which is why it is important to always check the working load limit tag located on your strap before securing.

Can you buy Flatbed Winch Straps in bulk? – Yes, if you are interested in buying bulk winch straps for a trucking fleet please give our team a call for a price quote at 800-444-0956. If you are interested in buying more straps at a cheaper price we do offer our 4-inch x 30-foot winch straps with flat hooks in a box of 10.

How long do Flatbed Winch Straps Last? – Depending on the number of loads per week and the type of loads that are being secured ( sharp edges vs non-sharp edges) you can typically expect these straps to last longer than several months. However, things such as overtightening, improper securing techniques, and not using corner protectors for sharp edges can all play a role in the straps not lasting as long and may require a replacement strap over time. We have heard great feedback from the people who use our straps of straps lasting several years in some circumstances.

What should you do if the winch strap has visible damage? – First, stop using the strap immediately as it is unsafe to do so. Secondly, the strap is normally unable to be repaired if there is any visible damage and you will want to purchase a single winch strap to replace the bad strap as well as thoroughly inspect the remaining winch straps for any potential defect, mold, or mildew that could cause damage, friction burns, and any cuts or tears on the webbing as well.

Can these flatbed winch straps be used to tow vehicles? – No, these straps use heavy-duty polyester tie-down webbing that is designed for cargo securement with a very little stretching. Not only are you at risk of the strap becoming damaged during towing applications but you are also at risk of causing damage as stretching helps to reduce the strain on the vehicle itself. Prevent potential damage and potential injuries by taking a look at our towing straps if you intend on towing vehicles or farm equipment.

Winch Straps