Appliance Dollies & Hand Trucks

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Appliance Dollies & Hand Trucks

No matter if you are a homeowner, professional truck or delivery driver, or someone who works in a warehouse setting hand trucks can be crucial when it comes to moving heavy cargo safely, securely, and preventing potential injuries.

Some great accessories that go with appliance dollies and hand truck are our Dolly E-Track Straps, Ratchet Straps, and Hand Truck Covers that utilize our moving blanket materials for great protection of what you plan on transporting to prevent potential scratches on wood surfaces from occurring.

Appliance Dollies sometimes called Appliance Dollies or Utility Dollies are a great way to move large heavy items like a refrigerator or washer and dryer. They also can be used for moving boxes and other items faster than carrying them. We also sell Hand Truck Covers to give delicate items additional protection when being moved.

Hand Trucks

Hand trucks are a great effective way to help move anything that would typically be too heavy for someone to lift. Not to be mistaken for a forklift, tow motor, or pallet jacks.

Hand trucks are completely operated by hand and do not require a lot of force or strength to be able to move these handcarts. What makes these carts great is they can move just about anything that you throw at them. Simply slide the nose of the hand truck under the load and pull the handcart back to put the weight of the load on the wheels and you are good to go.

Making it the perfect way to quickly load and unload any cargo allowing for the perfect recipe to stay safe, prevent injuries, as well as save time.

Hand trucks are weighted based on their weights and you should never go over the posted weight limit of the cart. Not following the posted working weight limit requirements may cause damage to your hand truck or cargo.