Kraft Paper Dunnage Airbags

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Kraft Paper Dunnage Airbags for Load Stabilization and Load Bracing

Our Bear Paper Dunnage bags are constructed from a heavy-duty type of kraft paper that adds stiffness to the dunnage bags. The added stiffness helps the bags to fit better and stabilize the items they are protecting and helps to ensure that the bags can support the load securely during transport or storage. The added stiffness also provides tested and proven bracing performance to keep your load safe from one destination to the next.

Kraft paper dunnage bags use an industrial-style spring valve for added insurance on tough rides and do not include a thread cap. Instead, it uses a wide-mouth 2-way valve for quick inflation and deflation to help you save time loading or unloading. Our kraft dunnage bags are also AAR Verified Level 1 are completely recyclable and reusable and are usable with a Venturi inflator, providing added inflation speed and safety.

Kraft paper dunnage bags are a great alternative to poly woven dunnage bags. They come at a cost-effective price to provide extra insurance to your cargo to ensure it arrives at the next location safely. If you have any questions regarding our AAR Paper Bear Bags you can reach us best by giving us a call today at 800-444-0956 and our dunnage bag experts would be happy to provide you with further information, a quote, or answer any questions you may have.

Kraft Paper Dunnage Bag – Level 1

  • 36” x 48” – Kraft Paper Dunnage Bag – Level 1
  • 36” x 66” – Kraft Paper Dunnage Bag – Level 1
  • 36” x 84” – Kraft Paper Dunnage Bag – Level 1
  • 48” x 48” – Kraft Paper Dunnage Bag – Level 1
  • 48” x 84” – Kraft Paper Dunnage Bag – Level 1

Recommended Dunnage Airbag Sizes You Need Based On Void Size

Bag Width (Inches) Void size (Inches)
36 inches 0 to 14 inches (Truck)
40 inches 0 to 16 inches (Truck)
48 inches 0 to 18 inches (Truck)
All sizes Intermodal void 12 inches or less

Kraft Paper Level 1 Dunnage Bags – High-strength Kraft paper dunnage airbags that are rigid with flex to conform to the size of your load. They have a wide-mouth two-way valve for fast inflation and deflation with a twist and lock valve for deflation. The working pressure for these airbags is 2.8 PSI. These dunnage bags are also 100% recyclable and are Level 1 AAR certified.

Level 1 AAR-verified kraft paper dunnage bags are cost-effective and reusable. These bags are designed for use on over-the-road trucks, intermodal rail, overseas containers, and boxcar rail. Dunnage Bags are also popular due to their load-stabilizing capability, which can protect the cargo from damages caused by constant load shifting during transit.

Kraft Paper Dunnage Airbags