Flatbed Tie Down Straps

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Flatbed Tie Down Straps

Load Straps consist of Ratchet Straps and Winch Straps and can be known around the industry as Cargo Straps or Flatbed Straps that are made specifically for Flatbed Trailers. There are several different hook styles that are available to choose from depending on what fits your cargo securement needs best. Load Straps and Cargo Straps are considered to be heavy-duty and the main purpose of these straps is for securing different types of cargo.

You can find load straps in 2-inch wide tie-down webbing, 3-inch wide tie-down webbing, and 4-inch tie-down webbing made for flatbeds. The most common sizes by far are our 2 inches and 4-inch tie-down webbing depending on the load requirements to keep your load tied down.

When choosing the correct strap for your load it is incredibly crucial to find a strap that can handle the weight of your load safely to keep your cargo tied down and prevent the cargo from becoming damaged from falling off. You can find the complete rules and regulations for the Working Load Limits (WLL) on the Department of Transportations website for the rules in your state.

Ratchet Straps for Flatbeds are used by tightening the webbing through the use of a ratchet to tighten the cargo securely into place. Winch Straps are used through the use of a winch that is located along the rails of the flatbed that can be adjusted and winched into place creating a much tighter and heavier-duty securement for the heaviest duty cargo control. No matter if you see exactly what you are looking for in your tie-down strap or if you need it custom our experts have the capabilities to make almost any kind of load strap that fits your flatbed and professional trucking needs.

Give our experts a call by calling us at 800-444-0956 or by using our contact us page on our website to contact us via email. We appreciate the opportunity to help you with your business securement needs.

Warning WARNING: Increasing the leverage on a ratchet or winch by the use of cheater bars, pipe, etc. is not recommended and can cause injury to user and damage to ratchet.