Glossary Terms – Shipper’s Supplies

Government Guidelines for Cargo Securement
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Ratchet Straps – Also known as tie down straps, ratchet straps, lashing straps, or even metal tie downs are used to fasten or hold down cargo equipment during transport.

Webbing – Is the webbing strap that is used with ratchet straps. This webbing can be polyester, nylon, or polypropylene. This goes over the cargo to secure it before the ratchet is used to tighten the slack. Can be used in sporting goods, securing a load, automotive safety harness, slacklining, military fabrics such back packs, apparel, pet collars / leashes, and hardware.

Slack – The excess webbing through the fastener.

Tie Down Straps – Another word for Ratchet Straps

Ratchet – Allow’s movement in only one direction which allows the webbing to be strengthened at all times opposed to weakening.

Loop Straps – single piece of webbing that has loops around the ends which are brought together at the tie down point for providing tension to the webbing.

Endless Loop Strap – a strap without hooks that has a fastener, such as a ratchet or cam buckle, on one end and an open end on the other end that is used to go around an object and slide into that same fastener to secure the load

Two-Piece Tie Down Straps – are a single piece of assembly that is used out of two separate pieces of webbings with their own hardware on each. When they become fastened at one end the surrounding equipment to be protected. Usually used with a linking device.

Hardware – S-hooks, snap hooks, j hooks, flat hooks, etc. Attached to the end of the webbing to secure loads.

Breaking Strength – The strength that the straps are tested at breaking at. It’s the ultimate breaking point.

Cotton – The fabric that is used for some of our moving blankets and tie webbing.

Working Load Limit (WLL) – The weight limit that is safe to use on the strap before it would become dangerous and to a breaking point.

Heavy Duck Truck — A semi truck that is used to pull semi trailers or tractor trailers.

Heavy Duty – For the heavier type of webbing required type of jobs. Requires more working weight limit to be safe with these loads. These are the 3 inch or 4 inch wide straps and heavier duty ratchet straps for those harder jobs.

Length – measure for the ratchet straps end to end.

Nylon – Nylon webbing is used for tow straps or recovery straps.

Polyester – webbing that is used for ratchet straps and tie downs.

Recovery Straps – Used in the towing industry to recover a stuck vehicle also can be called snatch straps which can snatch a vehicle out of the mud, snow, or other terrains.

Shoring Bar – Also known as a cargo bar. Shoring bars are used inside of enclosed trailers. Used to hold cargo in place.

Winch – attached to the side of a flatbed trailer that can either be in a fixed or sliding position to hold heavy duty straps and use them to tie down heavy loads.

Cargo Bar – load cargo and to keep it in place with a ratcheting cargo bar. The cargo bar also can be called a shoring bar keeps the cargo from shifting in pickup trucks, minivans, station wagons, or tractor trailers.

Tent Straps – Large professional tents, party tents, and canopies must be anchored to hold them down. This is traditionally by using white ratchet straps. Tent straps are used for frame and pole tents to remain upright, they must always be properly secured and anchored to the ground.

ATV Straps – ratchet straps that cater to securing ATV for transportation use.

Cordura Sleeve – Cordura Sleeves are cut resistant, heavy duty nylon fabric that is designed with safety in mind. Cordura Sleeves are perfect way to protect your ratchet straps and winch straps during heavy duty use. It protects them from cuts and tears from abrasions on sharp surfaces. Also prolongs the ratchet straps and webbing life by preventing wears and tears.

Seatbelt Webbing – webbing that is used in safety and durable applications such as racing harnesses and usually ratcheted in to keep the driver and passengers safe.

Moving Blankets – industrial strength blankets that prevent scratches during the moving process.

Cam buckle Straps – similar to ratchet strap but is used on lighter less heavy duty applications. Cam buckles are best used when the application can be more fragile and may require more attention to detail. Cam buckles prevent from over tighetening that could cause damage or loss of products. Also referred to as a pull-tight strap because you pull the webbing through the cam to tighten the strap.

E-Track – used to safely secure your cargo in an enclosed trailer or truck. E Tracks, e track straps, e track tie downs are all part of securing hardware. You can use e track to tie down just about any type of cargo or load. Our E-track products are made from the highest quality and manufactured in the USA.

E-Track Systems – The E track rails, e track straps, and e track tie downs are all part of the e track system for transporting cargo.

Corner Protectors – plastic covers that are used on the sides or corner pieces of a box in order to put the ratchets around. It stops the corners from being bent and prevents the straps from getting frayed.

Motorcycle Straps – ratchet straps and handle bar loops that are used in order to keep the motorcycle secured on the trailer during transportation.

Single Ply Straps – Single ply also known as 1 Ply Tow Straps are made with a single layer of material. They are used for pulling a vehicle. They can be used to recover a vehicle from a ditch, or also to pull it down the road. Our 1 Ply Tow Straps come in a variety of widths and break strengths.

Double Ply Straps – Double ply also known as 2 Ply Tow Straps are made with two layers of material. They are used for pulling a vehicle. They can be used to recover a vehicle from a ditch, or also to pull it down the road. Our 2 Ply Tow Straps come in a variety of widths and break strengths.

Dolly E-Track Strap – used to secure your pallet jack to the trailer walls for security while in transit.

Pallet Jack – also known as a pallet truck is a tool used to lift and move pallets.

Appliance Truck Tri Pod – a hand pushed or pulled dolly truck that makes transporting heavy appliances easier.

Hand Truck Cover – A cover for a moving hand truck dolly to prevent scratches and dents on your appliances.

Flatbed – A type of truck which has a entirely flat surface, level body with absolutely no sides or a roof attached.

Flatbed Products – Flatbed trailers are frequently used to transport loads that are challenging to move. The cargo is irregular in size and shape and can be anything from heavy machinery to bulk material or building materials. Our Flatbed products help solve these challenges and minimize the dangers of moving these loads.

Load Straps – Our Load Straps consist of Ratchet Straps and Winch Straps that are specifically useful for Flatbed Trailers. These would be considered “Heavy Duty” straps.

Ratchet Chain Binders – Ratchet Chain Binders are also used to bind chain together for securing loads. They work by attaching each end of the chain or load strap to the binder and using the handle like you would a ratchet wrench. This will bring the ends of the chain closer together, tightening the chain and securing the load.

Lever Chain Binders – Lever Chain Binders are used to bind chain together when securing loads. They work by each end being attached to each end of chain that you want to being toward each other. The lever then brings the two ends closer, tightening the chain, and locks in place.

Coil Racks – Coil Racks are specifically designed to keep steel coils in place and off the surface of a trailer. They are used with wood blocks to provide a cradle for the coil to be secured with the appropriate chains and straps. Our racks are made with reinforced ends and come in 32” and 39” lengths.

Oversize Load Flags & Safety Flags – Safety Flags and Oversize Load Banners are necessary when transporting certain loads. Be sure to check with the Department Of Transportation (DOT) for specific regulations.

Rubber Tarp Straps – Rubber Tarp Straps are a great solution for a variety light Tie Down uses. All of these straps have an S-Hook on both ends. We carry two sizes measuring 21” and 31” long, available in quantities of 50.