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Cam Buckle Tie Down Straps

Cam Buckle Straps have become one of the most widely used forms of tie-down straps for the professional moving industry and the professional trucking industry in recent years. One of the many reasons that make Cam Buckle Straps so great is that cargo is unable to become over tightened by using Cam Buckle Straps as it can only be tightened as tight as you can physically tighten them by using the strength of your hands. There are two main sizes of Cam Buckle Straps with one size being 1 inch Cam Buckle Straps and the other being 2 inch Cam Buckle Straps.

The main difference between these two different types of straps mainly depends on the type of cargo you are going to be securing as they are rated for different Working Load Limits (WLL). Working Load Limits are designed in order to keep you and your cargo safe during transportation and should never be exceeded as they could break causing damage to your straps or cargo you are transporting.

Cam Buckle Straps are all made by using a Polyester Tie Down Webbing blend that is designed to be durable in the elements as well as to stretch very little. Stretching when securing cargo is a danger as it could cause your cargo to become unsecured so using straps that stay in place with a high strength to stretch ratio is crucial. There are many different colors of polyester tie-down webbing to ensure you are getting the perfect strap from start to finish with options that fit you best. Choose between Endless Straps, E Track Fittings, S Hooks, Wire Hooks, or Snap Hooks as the popular types of end fittings.

How to Tighten a Cam Buckle Strap Step by Step Instructions

1). Press the Release Lever to open the Cam Buckle Strap.
2). Slide the strap in through the back of the Cam Buckle hardware and out through the front. – Do not feed through the front of the strap.
3). Tighten the excess slack to the desired strength of your cargo.
4). Once you have reached the desired strength of your Cam Buckle Strap ensure that the Cam Buckle Hardware is completely closed and you are good to hit the road!

How to Release a Cam Buckle Strap Step by Step Instructions

1). When you arrive at your next destination and you are ready to release your cargo simply open the Cam Buckle Hardware completely open.
2). Next, pull the webbing back through the Cam Buckle to untighten the excess slack to release the webbing.
3). Once you are done you can store these straps in a safe and dry location to be used at a different point in time.

What are Cam Buckle Straps?

A Cam Buckle is a piece of hardware that allows for the tightening of excess slack from tie-down webbing to be locked into place. Cam Buckles work similarly to a seatbelt where the slack is pulled tight by the force of your hand and the teeth securely lock into place once the webbing is at its desired strength and is prevented from sliding backward.

Once your cargo has arrived at its final destination to unlock or release the cam buckles mechanism is extremely easy to simply open and this allows the slack to be pulled out in the opposite direction. Once the webbing is completely pulled out of the cam buckle you are ready to be able to store the cam buckle for the next move and repeat the steps above to secure it again.

The main difference between most tie-down straps and cam buckles the way that they are secured by using the force of your own strength to tighten the cargo where most tie-down straps use ratchets that are hand tighten until desired tightness. However, one of the perks of using Cam Buckle Straps is cargo typically doesn’t become damaged as they can only be secured by using hand strength. This is different from our other straps that use a ratchet handle that may secure well past hand strength and could cause some real damage to your cargo if you are not careful in doing so.

Cam Buckle Straps