2 inch Winch Straps

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2 inch Winch Straps for Flatbeds and Flatbed Trailers

2 inch Winch Straps are one of the most affordable methods to secure cargo on the back of a flatbed trailer by using straps that are tightened using winch bars. This is different compared to alternative tie-down straps such as ratchet straps that use ratchet hardware in order to secure cargo. As winch straps do not require to use of tie-down hardware in order to secure cargo the price per strap to replace or purchase for first-time use is much more affordable. This is the reason behind the widespread popularity of winch straps in recent years and can quickly save professional truckers time and money.

Winch Straps are incredibly durable and great for use with corner protectors that help your 2-inch winch straps last for even longer periods of time as they are less likely to have the webbing cut or burned from friction during transport. Corner Protectors is one of the best investments that you can purchase being a professional flatbed truck driver.

2 inch Winch Strap Hardware Working Load Limit
Flat Hook 3,335 lbs
Wire Hook 3,335 lbs
Chain and Hook 3,335 lbs
Round Delta Ring 3,335 lbs
Snap Hook 3,335 lbs
Twisted Snap Hook 3,335 lbs
S Hook 915 lbs


You can find our 2-inch winch straps for flatbed trailers with different lengths of webbing, colors of webbing, and tie-down hardware for almost any type of load. We also have the capability to custom make just about any winch strap that you could imagine for those loads that require a custom strap in order to get the custom securement job done. If you are interested in a completely custom strap with a length of webbing, the color of webbing, company name stenciled on the strap, tie-down hardware, or any other option you could think of please give our experts a call at 800-444-0956 or by using our online contact us form located at the top of the website.

All of our 2 inch Winch Straps are clearly labeled with a visible Working Load Limit tag that provides you the safe-to-use working load limit. This helps you stay in compliance with the Department of Transportation (DOT) rules and general guidelines for tie-down straps as well as in compliance with the Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance (CVSA). We look forward to the opportunity to listen and help solve your cargo securement needs!

2 inch Winch Straps