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Cargo Pickup Truck Load Bars for Pickup Truck Beds

Pickup Truck Load Bars are designed with cargo securement in the back of pickup trucks in mind to help prevent cargo from coming out of place during transport. These bars are great for numerous different applications such as groceries, heavy boxes, and oddly shaped cargo in pickup truck beds to name a few. Load locks for pickup trucks are designed as a great alternative to ratchet straps or cam buckle straps are made to be used time and time again without taking the time to remove and store inside of the truck itself. No matter if you are in warm weather, cold weather, rainy areas, dry areas, or snowy winter conditions you can rest assured at this bar was made to be extremely durable and last during repetitive usage.

Ratcheting Cargo Bars expand outwards to help adjust to the perfect size for numerous different sizes of pickup trucks and makes in order to work with most major brand pickup truck beds. By using our popular pickup truck bars you never have to worry about the bars being cheaply made and risk bending or breaking in half when using it to secure cargo when it matters the most. We’ve received great feedback from securing motorcycles, ATVs, tires, firewood, camping supplies, gasoline, liquids, and more in place while becoming more organized to utilize more of the available space in the pickup truck bed as well.

Pickup Truck Bars are designed for use in cars, pickup trucks, vans, enclosed trailers, and SUVs with rubber feet that provide grip to various different surfaces in order to keep your cargo from shifting or sliding out of place. Easy to use and even easier to store this bar after every use to keep out of the elements to keep your bar long-lasting and durable over time.

Heavy Duty Square Pickup Truck Bar

Our Heavy Duty Square Pickup Truck Bar is designed to be extremely durable out in the elements from hot summer days to cold winter blizzard conditions without ever being at the risk of falling or breaking. The Heavy Duty Design is made with heavy-duty and thick gauge steel which makes it upwards of 5x stronger than some of the more popular bars on the market and weighs over 18 lbs itself. This version is designed for use with a large selection of different pickup truck beds from all major makes and fits most trucks. We always would suggest before ordering either looking up the dimensions for your pickup truck or measuring the bed to ensure you are selecting the correct bar for your pickup truck. This item contains FREE SHIPPING for one low affordable price point.

Adjustable Width – 46 inches to 74 inches

Pickup Truck Cargo Bar Standard Steel

Pickup Truck Bars come in two different size options based on the size of your pickup truck bed. This bar is designed to help hold cargo in place and prevent cargo from tripping over while on the roads from hard braking, sudden lane changes, or going too quickly around a corner. Some of the added benefits of using our pickup truck bars are they are extremely easy to use and provide grip through the use of our rubber feet that is used to help keep this bar in place. This item contains FREE SHIPPING and is listed for one affordable price.

Compact – Adjusts from 50 inches to 65 inches and is designed for small size trucks

Full Size – Adjusts from 59 inches to 73 inches and is designed for full-size trucks

Frequently Asked Pickup Truck Load Bar Questions

How much weight can pickup truckload bars support if it is used vertically? – Cargo bars are not rated for weight capacity as there are numerous different variations between every truck and trailer in terms of raw materials that were used. As there are so many different various it would be unsafe for us to assume the working load limit (WLL) for every pickup truck bed.

What is the diameter of the pickup truck load bars? – The main tubing on the pickup truck load bars is 1.5 inches OD.

Will the pickup truck bars rust if being left outside? – The bar is galvanized with steel end plates and the ratchet bar is painted to help prevent rust forming. The tubing on the bar is similar to the material that is used on chain-link fences so it should not rust for a very long time even in the coldest elements.

Pickup Truck Bars