Furniture Pads DOZEN: Blue/Blue Furniture Pads 72x80

Item# BBFP

DOZEN blankets
Made of durable polyester/cotton blend material
Measures 72” x 80”
Weight per dozen is approximate and varies: Approx: 83-93 lbs/dz

Our heaviest moving blanket! These moving blankets are thick enough to protect finishes from scratching and large enough to completely wrap most furniture. Whether you’re moving, placing items in storage, or protecting furniture during remodeling, this double stitched moving blanket is the perfect compliment for your move. Moving blankets and furniture pads are invaluable assets that provide quality protection for everyone who is transporting or moving fragile cargo.

Moving blankets are very versatile. The quilted fabric makes them heavy duty, so after your move you will find multiple uses for the blankets. Call us today at 800-444-0956 to get the moving blankets or furniture pads that you need.

These blankets are intended to be used for moving and transport of cargo.

Price Per Dozen

$155.95 USD
Discounted Price
$151.28 USD Save 3%