5 Top Alternative Uses for E Track

Published on 07/10/18

Today we will be discussing some of the top alternative methods of using e track and e track systems. Everything from pickup trucks to sheds we have got you covered in this edition!

5 Top Alternative Uses for E track

Today will be sharing some of Shipper’s Supplies favorite alternative uses for using e track, as well as e track systems to their full potential. Did you know that E track can actually be used around the house and not just in the back of a truck or trailer? Let’s begin with 5 alternative uses for E track.

What is E-track?

E track is an extremely versatile piece of hardware that consists of metal rails with slots for a variety of attachments to help you optimize your storage space. In other words, it helps you store things, but what kind of opening sentence would that be? E track has long been used by cargo control experts and professional movers as a way to maximize their space and ensure that the items they may be transporting arrive securely.

Since it is used commonly in the transportation industry, you may fail to see a use for it in your everyday life. That is because you haven’t read this article! Keep reading for a quick explanation of how E track could change the way you think about storage!

Where can I use E track?

Here are some of the Shipper’s Supplies top picks for alternative uses for E track to help make your life easier. Let’s begin with 5 of our favorite uses for E Track Systems.

Alternative uses for e track


Garages were originally designed to store cars and not much else. At the average household today, however, that is not often the case. Everything that doesn’t have a place in the house finds its way to the garage.

Gardening tools, sports equipment, lawn mowers, and everything else that is normally scattered throughout the garage can finally have a place of its own with E track! Simply install a piece of horizontal E track on an open wall and purchase some hook attachments or other compatible accessory depending on your application and your garage can be clutter-free in no time at all!

Alternative uses for e track

Pickup trucks

Most standard pickup trucks have very few places to attach cargo control hardware such as ratchet straps and tie downs. This creates a problem for anyone who is trying to haul bigger loads in their truck bed. Without the proper amount of tie downs, transporting large items can be extremely dangerous.

E track eliminates that problem completely! One five-foot section of E track has 30 attachment slots, and the 12 gauge high strength steel construction ensures that the load you are securing is only moving if you want it to! Motorcycles, ATVs, dirt bikes, and lawnmowers are great examples of things that can be safely and securely tied down with the help of E track!

If the item you are hauling cannot be safely strapped down, E track load bars and E track tie downs are a great way to keep a load from sliding around during transport. E track tie down rails can also be mounted to the floor of your truck bed to help lock in your load even better!

Alternative uses for e track


Most sheds are fairly small and cramped for space, but our vertical E track systems create a solution to this common problem. Four columns of vertical E track, paired with wood beam sockets can be used to create a second layer in your shed.

Simply place a sheet of plywood across the 2×4s that are placed in the wood beam sockets and a whole new level can be added! Multiple levels can be added depending on the size of your shed! Horizontal E track can also be used to organize tools and equipment, allowing you to make the most out of the space in your shed.

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One place where you may not think about e track being used is in a barn. Time is money in most industries, but especially farming. Farmers have a very limited time to get their fields ready, and tracking down tools and other various items should not be a priority.

E track is the perfect way to stay organized and make sure that your time is well spent on the things that actually matter! An organized workspace can greatly improve the efficiency of any project you might have going!

Alternative use for E Track

Construction sites

The uses for E track and E track accessories on a job site are virtually endless. Horizontal E track can be used to secure ladders, lumber, drywall panels, shovels, and countless other items that are normally left lying on the ground.

E track is not only an organizational tool but a safety tool as well. High powered equipment and tools must be in their proper place or else serious injury could be caused so it is important to keep them all organized! E track can tidy up any job site can save time and money and make things more efficient for everyone involved!

Safety tips for E track

When using E track it is important to remember that the E track plate is only as strong as whatever you have it mounted to. Be careful not to overload the plate with weight, as this could cause them to separate from the wall.

Another important thing to do is make sure that the E track fittings themselves are properly secured into the rails. Failure to do so could cause serious damage to both the item being stored and anyone who happens to be nearby! Always give your e track attachments a second check before moving on.

E track Accessories

E track is such a versatile tool because of the large variety of attachments that are compatible with E track systems. There are traditional e track tie downs that can be used to secure a load to a wall or floor or wood beam sockets that can be used to create multiple levels in your truck or trailer.

No matter the situation, e track accessories are a dependable and easy way to secure your load and maximize your available space!

Where do I buy E track?

Shippers Supplies has a wide selection of E track bars, straps, and e track attachments available on our website. We are dedicated to placing the right product in your hands for your specific needs so custom orders are available.

If you can’t find what you are looking for or would like to place a custom order, give us a call at 800-444-0956 and one of our expert customer service representatives would be happy to help you!