2 Rolls of 15" Stretch Wrap and Dispenser Handle


Adjusts for 12 inches up to 20 inch Rolls of Stretch Wrap
Comfortable Rubber Hand Grips
Clear Blown Stretch Wrap is 15” x 2,000’ and 80 Gauge Thick
Contains 1 Dispenser Handle and 2 Rolls of 15” Stretch Wrap

Stretch wrap dispenser handles are used for commercial packaging and shipping. This handle adjusts to fit rolls 12” to 20”. The dispenser handles provide comfortable, easy-rolling for covering a variety of pallets and merchandise. Great for wrapping skids of boxes.

The quality blown stretch wrap (also called stretch film) is puncture and tear resistant, has superior stretch-ability and excellent cling. The stretch wrap helps hold shipments together while protecting them from dirt and moisture. Puncture and tear-resistant, even on irregular loads and sharp corners. Performs well in all temperatures.

$94.95 USD