Lumber Tarps

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Lumber Tarps for Flatbed Trucking

Lumber Tarps can be known around the professional flatbed trucking industry as Flatbed Trucking Tarps and are made with Heavy Duty 18 oz PVC coated fabric. Lumber Tarps have our popular reinforced hems with installed d rings that are spaced out every 24 inches providing great versatility to make sure your tarp stays secured during transport. Our lumber tarps feature three rows of D-Rings located at 30 inches, 60 inches, and 90 inches to provide for different cargo securement uses.

Lumber Tarps feature a base fabric that is made from 1000×1300 denier and is cold crack rated to -40° C/F. Lumber Tarps are great for applications such as securing stacked wood, drywall, construction materials, and the same great purposes as traditional steel tarps. The materials that these flatbed tarps are made from being able to help keep your load dry and protect you from rain, snow, sun damage, and other debris during your trip. It is very important to make sure to secure your tarp completely in order to protect your tarp from wind damage as well as keep your load from being exposed to the elements.

Some of the different sizes of Lumber Tarps Include:

Lumber Tarp 18 oz Black – 26’ x 16’ with 4’ Drop
Lumber Tarp 18 oz Black – 26’ x 20’ with 6’ Drop
Lumber Tarp 18 oz Black – 26’ x 24’ with 8’ Drop

Lumber Tarp 18 oz Blue – 26’ x 16’ with 4’ Drop
Lumber Tarp 18 oz Blue – 26’ x 24’ with 8’ Drop

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