Dunnage Air Bag 72" x 36"

Item# DAB72

Measures 72” x 36”
AAR Certified – Level 1

Dunnage air bags are used to secure and stabilize cargo. They provide convenient and cost-effective cargo stabilization in sea containers, closed railcars, trucks, and oceangoing vessels. Dunnage bags improve road safety by filling the void between the cargo. The trapped air inside these lightweight, yet strong and durable Dunnage air bags provides cushion to protect your load from shift, shock, and vibration.

Dunnage bags can be used in all modes of transportation. Simple to install and easy to remove. Prevents end-to-end and side-to-side movement. These bags ship flat (deflated). You will need an inflator nozzle to inflate and deflate these bags.

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$8.75 USD