1" x 15' Cambuckle Strap with E-Fittings

Item# 1CBEF15

Cam Buckle Breaking Strength — 600 lbs
Webbing Breaking Strength — 1,500 lbs
E-Fitting Breaking Strength — 4,500 lbs
Assembly Working Load Limit — 183 lbs

9 inches of webbing on the fixed end

This strap is a light duty alternative to the 2 inch Cambuckle E-Track straps.

Too short? Too long? Call us, we can do custom lengths!

Logistic e-track straps are ideal for securing any load to the wall of an interior van trailer. These straps fit easily and securely into E track, A track, and F track. The easy release fitting makes the e track straps the preferred way to secure cargo for interior van haulers. The cambuckle is a pull tight tensioning device so the strap doesn’t get over-tightened.

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