Steel Tarp 18 oz BLACK — 28' x 16'

Item# FST-28x16B

18 oz Heavy Duty Fabric
D-Rings every 24 Inches

Tarp Color: BLACK
Weight: 78 lbs

This steel tarp is 28 feet by 16 feet and is made with a heavy-duty, PVC-coated 18-ounce fabric. This fabric is 1000×1300 denier and cold crack rated to -40° C/F. The hems are reinforced with 2-inch wide webbing and the zinc-plated steel d-rings are spaced every 24 inches. There are two more rows located at 24” and 48” from edges (all four sides).

Our Steel Tarps are heavy-duty but are easy to handle and provide sturdiness and versatility. They are great for hauling on flatbeds, coil transport, and heavy equipment. Steel Tarps help prevent damage to your cargo while being on the roadways for extended periods of time against road grime, rain, snow, hail, salt, rocks, strong wind, ice, and dust that could otherwise damage your cargo.

Made in the USA
We carry a variety of Rubber Tarp Straps
And Flatbed Winch Straps

$259.95 USD