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What are Moving Blankets?

Moving blankets (also known as Furniture Pads, Warehouse Pads, Moving Pads, Moving Blankets, or Moving Pads) help prevent any damage from scratches, dings, and dents when moving by acting as a protective blanket. Moving Pads are a good solution for any items placed in storage for periods of time because they provide protection and keep the items free of dust.

Moving blankets act as a further peace of mind when moving providing a further insurance for any high-value items or not replaceable items. Nothing is worse than your new kitchen table becoming scratched to pieces during a move and regretting not purchasing a moving blanket beforehand after it is too late to do anything.

Moving Blankets make for the perfect extra protection against scratches, dings, and dents that could be caused by a move. Did you know moving blankets work great for soundproofing a recording studio as well?

You can also use moving pads as a great way to protect furniture against potential scratches from a pet on a sofa. The heavy duty fabric material that the moving blankets are made from are perfect to protect against any scratches on any wooden surfaces during a move.

Moving Blankets

The material, weight, and binding are the main factors to consider when choosing the right blanket. We carry a wide variety of furniture pads, from lightweight moving blankets which are normally one to two-time use, to our heavy duty moving blankets that provide more protection and longevity.

If you plan on using Moving Blankets for your next move make sure you don’t forget supplies to potentially hold the moving blankets in place. Some of our personal favorites include Stretch Wrap, Rubber Moving Bands, and Ratchet Straps for the ultimate securement.

Moving Straps

Moving Straps, also known as Forearm Forklifts help prevent scratched floors, avoid back injuries, and reduce the weight of the object you are planning on moving. Our Moving Straps are tie downs that are popular in moving situations. Whether you are in a commercial moving truck, or you are just trying to get some furniture out of your house, these products will help you out.

Some of the perks of using Moving Straps or Forearm Forklifts include moving the items more effectively and efficiently by reducing strains or injuries while moving. The way that Moving Straps and Forearm Forklifts are designed to use proper lifting techniques to make things easier.

This not only saves you time for a first-time move but money for any professional movers by preventing injuries and speeding up the move.

4 Wheel Dollies

4 Wheel dollies (also called moving dollies) are a great way to move large heavy or awkward shaped items. They can have rubber or carpeted ends depending on what you will be moving. These are great for professionals, or just to keep around the house. We have different sizes and load capacities available.

4 Wheel dolly carts are perfect for moving any heavy loads short or long distances with the 4 wheels providing balance and weight distribution. Remember that any wooden surfaces placed on the 4 wheel dolly should be covered with a moving blanket to prevent any potential scratches that may have occurred.

4 Wheel dollies are made from strong and durable wood frames and solid wheels that have a carrying capacity of 600-800 pounds depending on the selection. They provide carpeted for any standard heavy object or rubber capped for moving pianos to a new location.

Part of what makes 4 wheel dollies so great is due to the swivel wheels which make maneuverability a breeze by offering multi-directions and angles that the typical 2 wheel dollies simply can’t offer. You can simply push or pull in nearly every direction to get the perfect angle you need for even your heaviest of loads.

Appliance Trucks and Hand Trucks

Appliance Trucks and Hand Trucks (sometimes called Utility Dollies) are a great way to move large heavy items like a refrigerator or washer and dryer. They also can be used for moving boxes and other items faster than carrying them. We also sell Hand Truck Covers to give delicate items additional protection when being moved.

Some of the perks using a 2 wheel dolly hand truck compared to the traditional 4 wheel dolly is the bonus of being able to go over curbs or stairs you may need to go up or down. As well as the bonus of having a hand truck cover.

Hand truck covers utilize the technology of moving blankets industrial strength fabric and provide a quick and easy way to protect any surface that may need to be moved on a hand truck. Hand truck blankets or hand truck covers offer the ultimate protection to any refrigerator or stove you may be moving.

Packing Supplies

We have a variety of different Packing Supplies available. Rubber Moving Bands, Stretch Wrap, Stretch Wrap Handles, Packing Tape, Packing Tape Dispensers, Dunnage Air Bags, and more. We have the packing supplies you need to make your move successful.

Moving Blankets & Supplies