Lumber Tarp 18 oz BLACK — 26' x 16' with 4' Drop

Item# FLT-26x16B

18 oz Heavy Duty Fabric
D-Rings every 24 Inches

Tarp Color: BLACK
Weight: 72 lbs

These tarps are made with versatile and easy-to-handle fabric and work for a variety of hauling applications such as flatbeds, coil hauling, and roll-offs. These tarps are designed to handle hard weather elements such as ice, snow, rain, hail, strong winds, road grime, and dust from reaching your protected cargo to keep it safe, clean, and dry during transport. There is nothing worse than arriving at your destination only to realize that the cargo you are securing has become damaged during transport. This leads to costly insurance claims, the risk of losing repeat business, and a damaged reputation.

The top, 4ft side drops, and 4ft rear flap is made with heavy-duty 18 oz PVC coated fabric and has welded reinforced hems with grommets spaced every 24 inches. There are two rows of Zinc-Plated Steel D-Rings located at 24 inches and 48 inches from edges (sides and rear flap). The base fabric is 1000×1300 denier and cold crack rated to -40° C/F.

Made in the USA
We carry a variety of Rubber Tarp Straps
And Flatbed Winch Straps

$279.95 USD