Auto Hauling Straps Starter Kit

Published on 04/30/18

We are happy to announce we now are offering a brand new car hauling bundle that includes some of your favorite ratchet straps and axle straps that are great for any first-time car hauling.

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Car Hauling Straps Starter Kit

Shippers Supplies is proud to present our new one-stop shop bundle for any car hauling such as cars, ATV’s, and pickup trucks. Our auto hauling straps starter kit includes 4 of our 2-inch wide axle straps, 4 of our 2-inch wide ratchet straps, a pair of Jersey gloves, and a shippers supplies duffle bag to keep your straps protected from elements and organized. You can find our 2 Inch Axle Strap and Ratchet Strap Bundle here.

What makes our auto hauling kit is not only are you getting high-quality products such as our ratchet tie down straps and axle straps for a great low price but you are receiving some of the best of the best quality products in the automotive industry market. We are trusted by our customers and those who use our products. We are trusted by several NASCAR teams, Professional drifters, Professional Forumala 1 drivers, show cars, and project car owners.

We take pride in the quality of our products as well as being proud of the amount of value you get in our bundles for a low price.

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Car Bundles Includes

  • 4 – 2 inch wide axle straps with Delta Rings
  • 4 – 2 inch wide ratchet straps with Snap Hooks
  • 1 – Jersey brand working gloves
  • 1- Shippers Supplies Duffle Bag for Car Straps

    Car Tie Down Straps

    We understand that certain auto hauling jobs may need more attention than others as well as different jobs requiring different combinations of hardware. We have a wide variety of custom-made tie downs accessories that can be found on our bundle page that allows for more customization options to keep your ride moving safely.

    Unlike traditionally used chains for cars that may risk damaging your car with scratches on the rim or body panels, axle straps, and ratchet straps avoid damage from occurring by not using any sharp edges that could damage parts of your ride.

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    Why Choose Our Auto Tie Downs?

    Shippers Supplies heavy-duty webbing straps are made from some of the best polyester webbing material on the market that prevents stretching, longevity, as well as providing some of the strongest working load limit ratings that keep you and your ride safe. We also use Cordura sleeves that help extend the lifespan of your tie down straps as most straps will typically wear and tear over a period of time.

    If you prefer ratchet straps made in the USA we have the capabilities to use tie down webbing that has been manufactured right here in the USA. As well as custom lengths for any ideal application you may have. These are offered for an additional price.

    Tips to Tie Down a Car

    One of the best tips you can use when using tie downs to secure a car, vehicle, truck, or any other heavy vehicle with wheels is by securing it from at least four tiedown points. This will prevent extra fail-safes. What is a fail safe? A failsafe is an extra layer of protection that allows room for error if an error were to occur such as a tie down strap coming undone, a tear in the webbing from a sharp object, or if the load were to shift you would have a much higher chance of not damaging your ride or hurting others.

    Another useful tip when securing cars for transportation is by knowing the weight of your car as well as knowing the required working weight limit on your straps. Traditionally 2 inch tie down straps will be used when securing cars due to the heavy duty webbing as well as easily being able to secure and unsecured very quickly.

    If you can’t seem to find exactly what you are looking for don’t worry! We have the capabilities to create almost any form of custom-made ratchet straps and axle straps as well. Not sure what you are looking for? No matter what questions you may have regarding our products or custom made tie downs give our tie-down experts a call at 800-444-0956 and we would be glad to assist you further.