3/8" Shackle — 1 ton

Item# WS38

Work Load Limit – 1 ton (2,000 Lbs)

These heavy duty 3/8” anchor shackles (sometimes called D-Ring Shackles) are perfect for recovery tow straps and all industrial and architectural needs.

They are made with galvanized steel and are commonly referred to as Screw Pin Shackles or Anchor Pin Shackles. The pin makes these shackle quick and easy to attach for many applications, especially with our tow straps. The working load limit is permanently shown on each shackle. The screw pin is threaded and one leg of the shackle is tapped.

For safety, it is common to “mouse” a threaded shackle to keep the pin from coming loose. This is done by looping mousing wire or a nylon zip tie through the hole in the pin and around the body. One disadvantage of wire is that mousing can introduce corrosion because of material differences.

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$1.25 USD