2" x 30' TWO PLY Tow Strap with 8" Cordura Eyes

Item# FS-2TS2P30

Web Breaking Strength — 32,600 lbs
Vertical Working Load Limit — 6,400 lbs
Choker Working Load Limit — 4,800 lbs
Basket Working Load Limit — 12,800 lbs

Eyes have FULL Cordura Wrap for more resistance to cutting and to prolong the life of the strap.

30 foot TWO PLY tow strap is a great strap for cars that are stuck in mud or sand. Our heavy duty tow straps are made with durable material and have full wrapped, reinforced eyes. The webbing absorbs the shock of heavy pulls and its elastic properties aid in a quicker recovery.
Make sure to always have a tow strap in your vehicle, so you will always be prepared for emergencies.


$39.95 USD