2" Lasso Strap with Ratchet

Item# LSRT

Ratchet Breaking Strength — 11,000 lbs
Snap Hook Breaking Strength — 6,000 lbs
Web Breaking Strength — 12,000 lbs
Assembly Working Load Limit — 3,335 lbs OR 2,000 lbs with Snap Hook

The Lasso Strap with Ratchet is a great option to tie down the wheel of your car and secure the vehicle to a trailer. If you do not see the length you need please feel free to call.

This Item Includes One 2” Lasso Strap with O-Ring, and One 2” Ratchet End with Hook. You can choose the length, color of webbing, Cordura sleeve for protection, and type of ratchet end.

These straps are made to order, choose options below.

$17.95 USD
Lasso Strap Length
Webbing Color
Cordura Sleeve
Ratchet End