18" x 84" Mesh Oversize Load Sign with Ropes

Item# OWL-18M

Size — 18” x 84”
Material — Waterproof Mesh
Bold 12” x 2” Letters

Mesh Banners are very strong and durable. They are made with vinyl-coated polyester and allow more airflow for less wind resistance, making them more resistant to tearing and fraying. Edge binging on the top and bottom makes these banners stronger than standard vinyl banners. Tear-resistant with 12” x 2” tall letters. 12.5’ weatherproof polypropylene ropes sewn down the length of the sign.

In transport, an oversize load or overweight load is a load that exceeds the standard legal size and/or weight limits for a specified portion of road, highway, or other transport infrastructure. Oversize and overweight loads include construction machines, pre-built homes, containers, and construction elements.


$9.95 USD