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Flatbed Products

Flatbed trailers are frequently used to transport loads that are challenging to move. The cargo is irregular in size and shape and can be anything from heavy machinery to bulk material or building materials.

Including heavy duty straps, winches, chain and binders, corner protectors, and coil racks. Our Flatbed products help solve these challenges and minimize the dangers of moving these loads.

What are Lever Chain Binders?

Lever Chain Binders are used to bind chain together when securing loads. They work by each end being attached to each end of chain that you want to being toward each other. The lever then brings the two ends closer, tightening the chain, and locks in place.

What are Ratchet Chain Binders?

Ratchet Chain Binders are also used to bind chain together for securing loads. They work by attaching each end of the chain or load strap to the binder and using the handle like you would a ratchet wrench. This will bring the ends of the chain closer together, tightening the chain and securing the load.

Load Straps

Our Load Straps consist of Ratchet Straps and Winch Straps that are specifically useful for Flatbed Trailers. These would be considered “Heavy Duty” straps.

Flatbed Winches

Flatbed Winches can be used on trailers to secure cargo using a Winch Strap. Winches are usually attached to the base of the trailer and winched into place with a Winch Bar. Some trailers may make use of a Sliding Winch Track to allow the Winch to move locations.

Transport Chain & Binders

Transport Chain and Binders are a great asset when it comes to securing loads. We have many different options and Work Load Limits (WLL) depending on your needs. The Grade 70 (G70) chains are heat treated for maximum strength and meet all requirements of the Department Of Transport (DOT) for truck tie down use. We have 5/16” Transport Chain, 3/8” Transport Chain, and 1/2” Transport Chain. We also have Chain Binders which are a great accompaniment when you are securing cargo. We carry both Ratchet Load Binders and Lever Load Binders for whatever situation you need.

Corner Protectors

Corner Protectors (sometimes called Tie Down Protectors or Strap Protectors) are used for protecting both the cargo a load strap goes over, as well as the strap itself from sharp corners. We have both plastic and steel options available, as well as Rubber and Cordura Sleeve solutions. You will also find a Steel Corner Chain Guide in this section.

Oversize Load Flags & Safety Flags

Safety Flags and Oversize Load Banners are necessary when transporting certain loads. Be sure to check with the Department Of Transportation (DOT) for specific regulations. You can visit their website here.

Coil Racks

Coil Racks are specifically designed to keep steel coils in place and off the surface of a trailer. They are used with wood blocks to provide a cradle for the coil to be secured with the appropriate chains and straps. Our racks are made with reinforced ends and come in 32” and 39” lengths.

Rubber Tarp Straps

Rubber Tarp Straps are a great solution for a variety light Tie Down uses. All of these straps have an S-Hook on both ends. We carry two sizes measuring 21” and 31” long, available in quantities of 50.

Warning WARNING: Increasing the leverage on a ratchet or winch by the use of cheater bars, pipe, etc. is not recommended and can cause injury to user and damage to ratchet.
Flatbed Products