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Winch Straps

Winch Straps is one of the leading tie downs for the professional trucking industry due to their simplicity and ability to be extremely heavy duty when securing cargo. The length of Winch Straps that fits your application best may vary but the two most common lengths of winch straps are in the 27-foot long winch strap and 30-foot long winch varieties. Winch Straps are the most widely used tie down strap in the flatbed trucking industry due to being able to secure the heaviest duty cargo safely.

Winch Straps are easy to tighten and are even easier to release the winch straps after you have arrived at your destination. Winch Straps are designed to utilize winches that are located on the side of the trailer to combine the strength of the trailer along with the heavy duty tie down design making it easy to keep heavy cargo secured safely. We take pride in the quality of our Winch Straps as well as these tie down straps being the heaviest duty straps we provide for the flatbed industry and professional truckers industry.

All of our winch straps are visibly and clearly labeled with a Working Load Limit (WLL) tag that provides you with the safe to use the strength of your tie downs. We also include a statement of compliance with the Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance (CVSA) to ensure that all proper safety precautions have been taken when manufacturing your winch straps. Our Winch Straps come in the sizes of 2 inch, 3 inch, and 4 inch polyester tie down webbing that is used to help prevent against stretching that could damage your load.

Winch Straps and Tie Down Straps are vital to securing cargo in the trucking industry. It is important to always know the weight of your load so you can be prepared with the correct Working Load Limit (WLL) of your tie downs. If you have any questions about any of our Winch Straps or Tie Down Straps please give our tie down experts a call at 800-444-0956 or by using our online contact form located here. We appreciate the opportunity to help assist you in solving all of your cargo control needs.