What is a Cargo Bar

Published on 12/22/17

Have you ever received a package that you ordered online, waited forever for, and the package was damaged in transportation? Great! You already know the reasoning behind why some brilliant engineer developed the cargo bar. The most common cause for damage during transportation is being careless or improper loading of a truck or trailer. During transportation most loads will tend to move or shift in the trailer causing packages to slam in to each other, resulting in the packages you’ve been waiting for to be damaged.

Although, using good shipping techniques such as wrapping the pallets in wrap, often loads can still manage to shift during a sharp corner or sudden lane change. The small shifts in traffic can often lead to large scale damage very quickly. Shifting loads can often result in a total loss of products costing you time and money.

This is usually caused by the significant space between the load and the walls of the truck, allowing plenty of room for packages to go flying around and banging in to each other during transportation. Cargo bars are made to enforce and brace the load against the walls of the trailer, essentially taking up all of the empty space and not allowing any extra room for damage to occur if the pallet shifts.

Cargo bars are incredibly easy to use. Simply place them between the sidewalls or from the floor to the ceiling to keep your loads from shifting. Cargo bars, being such a quick and simple way to set up, makes it one of the most practical and safe ways for transporting packages to prevent damage.

Our cargo bars feature round or square steel tube with 2”x 4” or 4”x 4” rubber feet at the end of the tubes which are designed to prevent slipping. Our ratcheting device forces the feet apart and once the feet become snug against the truck wall, the ratchet can be secured into place to prevent further motion until the cargo bars are removed.

Although cargo bars alone may not be enough to handle every application for every load, it’s one of the better insurances for keeping your loads safe. Offering multiple fail-safes to use during shipping often tends to ensure a safe and secure arrival during shipping.

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