What are the Best Types of Moving Blankets to Buy?

Published on 01/07/20

Camo Moving Blankets 8211 What are moving blankets

When it comes to buying the best type of moving blankets that fit your moving needs there are a couple of things to consider before purchasing any blankets online. Firstly, you will want to make sure the blankets you are buying are from a reputable company. Here at Shipper’s Supplies, we have been selling Moving Blankets over the last 27 years along with another cargo securement. If the deal seems too good to be true, or the company does not have a good reputation on the quality of the products they are selling you may want to look elsewhere.

There are three main different ways to separate moving blankets color, weight, size. Moving Blankets are traditionally all made using the same technology as it has become an industry standard of something that is proven to work. You will see some common features throughout such as the S Pattern stitching the woven polyester cotton mesh blend that makes our blankets. Moving Blankets can be found in the sizes of 72 inches by 80 inches as the most common size.

The real difference in what makes our Moving Blankets unique compared to others is the weight of the blankets due in part to the amount of fabric we use. We are a firm believer in doing something should be done right at Shipper’s Supplies. We supply our customers with blankets that we trust to use on our own moves and us to ensure quality is ALWAYS our number one priority.

Moving Blankets to prevent damage to cargo

Perks of Moving Blankets
• Keep Cargo Protected from scratches, small dents, and dings during transportation.
• Cheaper Insurance for the customer’s valuables for moving companies who move often.
• It can be used to keep valuables in storage safe from scratches or dust.
• Lightweight Moving Blankets are extremely affordable and the perfect solution for a one time move.

The Different Types of Moving Blankets

There are three different types of Moving Blankets with the most popular being Lightweight and Heavy Duty. If you are leaning toward a one time move you will likely be able to get away with a lightweight duty blanket as they are able to hold up for one move. However, if you tend to move often you may want to consider a heavyweight moving blanket that has enough fabric for the moving blankets to last for multiple moves.

Lightweight Moving Blankets

Lightweight Moving BlanketsLightweight moving blankets are made with less fabric which means the blankets are not able to offer as much protection as the heavy-duty moving blankets. However, not using as much fabric means that the moving blankets are available at a reduced cost and are the perfect solution for a one time move. As there is much less fabric on these moving blankets they are only able to hold up to a few moves before they will need to be replaced. These blankets on average weigh between 54 to 64 pounds per dozen on average and are the lightest weight moving blankets we offer.

Mediumweight Moving Blankets

Mediumweight Moving BlanketsMediumweight moving blankets are made with a medium amount of fabric which gives the perfect solution if you are looking for lighter weight moving blankets that are able to be used multiple times without the worry of needing to replace the moving blankets that become damaged easily such as lightweight moving blankets. Medium Moving Blankets are the perfect solution for people who move often or are professional movers. These medium weight blankets weigh between 72 to 82 pounds per dozen on average.

heavyweight moving blanket

Heavyweight Moving BlanketsHeavyweight moving blankets are made with the highest amount of fabric used per dozen which gives the perfect solution for any expensive customers or personal goods being transported that may need extra attention to detail. Heavy Moving Blankets are by far the heaviest moving blankets we offer as they weigh on average 83 to 93 pounds per dozen. These blankets are made for the professional movers or DIY users who need the extra layers of protection that these blankets are able to offer.

Cheap Moving Blankets vs Expensive Moving Blankets

The real difference between extremely cheap moving blankets and expensive to use moving blankets is the amount of protection they offer. As there is an endless amount of different levels of customers valuables being fragile to risk proof and also cheap to replace vs expensive to replace we are unable to say what moving blankets work best for everyone.

There are some things to consider when deciding what moving blankets work best for you such as the price to replace the customer’s valuables. Could the price of these goods become expensive to replace or could an insurance claim need to be made if these items become damaged? Are these valuables at risk of becoming damaged during transport? Is it worth taking the chance that these items become damaged?

As it is much cheaper for most professional shippers to buy expensive moving blankets instead of dealing with costly insurance claims almost all moving trucks tend to use the heavyweight moving blankets over the cheaper ones. There are a few things that any new movers may consider getting a pack of four of each of the lightweight and heavyweight moving blankets to determine which blankets are needed once you arrive at your customer’s location so you don’t leave your customer waiting on new moving blankets to arrive during their move.

No matter if you are using cheap or expensive moving blankets the amount of protection you are offering the valuables that are being transported is a much greater chance of protecting the surfaces than not having any moving blankets at all.

How Long Do Moving Blankets Last?

Depending on the number of materials that are used to make the moving blankets will ultimately depend on how long the moving blankets will last. On average the thinner material moving blankets that are lighter in weight will last on average 1-5 moves depending on the stress of the moving blankets during the move. The heavier Moving Blankets with more materials being used can be expected to last 10 to over 100 moves depending on variables such as the cargo they are protecting as well as if any sharp corners could weaken or tear the blankets.

How to use a Moving Blanket

When it comes to using a Moving Blanket the best way is to place the moving blanket on top or around the cargo, goods, or furniture you are securing for transportation. Next, use movers tape, rubber bands, or straps to keep the moving blankets wrapped around the item you are transporting throughout the move. Once you arrive at your next destination you can undo the straps, cut the tape, or remove the rubber bands and the moving blanket is ready to be used again. We recommend keeping the moving blankets in a nice dry safe area in between uses to prevent mold or mildew.