TUFFY Trucker Load Warrior Kit

Item# 3800009

Tuffy Trucker Load Warrior Kit Includes:
• PF-CAB Portable Inflator
• 18V Battery and Charger
• Shoulder Strap
• Heavy Duty Carrying Bag
• (3) – 36” x 72” Level 1 AAR Certified TUFFY Airbags
• (3) – 40” x 40” Level 1 AAR Certified TUFFY Airbags

Our Tuffy Trucker Load Warrior Bundle Kit includes everything you need to install dunnage airbags inside your enclosed trailer to provide load security and stability. This dunnage airbag bundle kit provides a fast, convenient, and cost-effective solution to minimize or eliminate damage to your cargo while going down the road.

Our PF-CAB Portable Inflator uses an 18-volt battery which can fill 60 pieces of our Level 1 AAR Certified 36-inch by 48-inch Dunnage Airbags per charge. Once the 18-volt battery is depleted it takes only 2 hours from empty to fully charge. The portable inflator is ideal inside dry van trailers as it eliminates the need to run airlines to each dock door and helps to reduce a tripping hazard from potentially falling over the airlines.

The heavy-duty carrying bag helps to provide easy organization for professional dry van operators when the portable inflator is not in use. The portable inflator bundle also includes a shoulder strap that helps to prevent muscle strain and the possibility of dropping the inflator while in use.

This inflator allows you to easily get in tight spaces to fill your dunnage bags and ensure your cargo is secure during transit. The portable airbag inflator nozzle can quickly latch onto any of our Level 1 Dunnage Bags and inflate most sizes of dunnage bags in under a minute.

Once the dunnage bag has become inflated it can be used to hold your cargo in place from side to side and prevent pallets, stacked boxes, or other cargo at risk of tipping over held safely in place.

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$379.00 USD