The Complete Beginners Guide to E Track

Published on 07/03/19

A Beginnerʼs Guide to E Track

Over the past decade, E Track has grown to an unprecedented level of popularity. You may have heard of it or even seen it before, but what is E Track all about? What is E Track used for? Where can I get it? All of these questions and more will be answered in the article today!

E Track Strap connector in use

What is E Track?

E Track is a cargo control system that is designed to make tying down your load easier! It is mainly used in partially filled spaces to prevent cargo from shifting during transit. Semis trailer, shipping containers, and moving vans are great examples of where E Track might be used. E Track uses a system of mounted steel rails with small slots in them. These small slots, sometimes called E-fitting slots, are used as an attachment point for various types of load securement options. Ratchet Straps, Load Bars, and many other things can be fitted with E-fittings that attach firmly and securely into the slots on the metal rails. These E-fittings have a simple yet durable design that allows them to quickly snap in and out of the E Track rails. It is used by professionals across many different industries due to a variety of factors including ease of installation, versatility, and durable design.

In the fast-paced transportation industry, E track fits in perfectly and has been installed in thousands of trucks and vans over the past decade! However, we have seen an increase in uses outside of the transportation industry. E Track was first invented to prevent load shift in semis, cargo containers, and other such places but it is now being used in enclosed trailers as well for recreational vehicle tie down projects. People quickly realized that E Track is the perfect way to secure ATVs, Motorcycles, Dirt Bikes, and other motorsport vehicles. E Track rails can be added to the floors and walls for a 360-degree tie down coverage and an added peace of mind knowing that your vehicle is secure!

Below is a video that illustrates an E-fitting being attached to the E Track rail and then removed. This video illustrates the simplicity with which E Track can be secured.

E Track Rails

E Track rails are the part of the E Track system that secures everything to the wall or floor. Without the rails, all other E Track accessories would not have anywhere to attach. Since we know that E Track rails will be the one element that all the other pieces will attach to, we make all of our E Track rails out of a high strength steel material. Our E Track rails are available in either Vertical or Horizontal versions.

Vertical E Track rails – are used in the trucking and moving industry. When E Track is in a vertical configuration that means that the E-fitting slots run parallel to the rail. Each 1-foot section of Vertical E Track has 3 E-fitting slots in it. For example, our 5-foot section would contain 15 E-fitting slots. Vertical rails are sold in galvanized steel ranges in length from 2 feet to 20 feet. Vertical rails pair well with load bars because the up and down configuration allows the user to move the load bars all the way up and down the walls only using one piece of rail.

E Track Rails Different Lengths Comparison

Horizontal E Track rails – are most commonly used on a flatbed and on enclosed trailers. It is a great way to secure your small vehicles because you have multiple securement points available to you at any time. You donʼt have to worry about the size of your vehicle because whether it is large or small, there are plenty of E Track Fitting slots that you can easily attach to. The E-fitting slots on Horizontal rails run perpendicular to the rail instead of parallel. Just like our vertical E Track, these rails come in lengths ranging from 2 feet to 10 feet. For each 1-foot section of E Track rail, there are 6 E-fitting slots. For example, a 3-foot section would have 18 E-fitting slots.

E Track rails are available in a variety of different lengths in both Vertical E Track and Horizontal E Track varieties. Some of the most common lengths of E Track rails are 2’, 5’, 8’, and 10’ being the longest piece of E Track rails. One of the most important things to determine before purchasing E Track is determining the amount of space you want to install E Track Rails on. Most professional truck drivers will typically install the E Track rails along the walls or flooring of the entire trailer, however, depending on your application longer lengths of E-Track may not be needed.

Some of the perks of buying E Track systems from Shippers Supplies is being able to purchase any limit of E Track Rails. If you need a single piece of E-Track or a thousand pieces delivered to your location we have the capabilities and the warehouse space to stock exactly what you need to keep your company moving. Due to the numerous different methods of installing E-Track, we do not offer a one way secures all installation package. We recommend using wood screws or screws that work well on the surface that you are installing in.

Some of the main differences between Horizontal and Vertical style E Track is Vertical E Track has attachment points that run parallel with the rail and are much narrower compared to the traditional style of Horizontal E Track. Some of the perks of using Horizontal E Track is being able to secure cargo against the walls of the trailer such as boxes, tires, or holding racks against the trailer walls to prevent shifts in cargo that could damage the cargo you are shipping.

E Track Straps

E Track Straps are probably the most popular of all the E Track tie down options. They can be utilized for a variety of different purposes which is why they have become so popular. They can be easily snapped in and out of the E-fitting slots and can be adjusted to different lengths in order to meet specific needs. There are two main types of E Track Straps: E Track Ratchet Straps and E Track Cam Buckle Straps. There are only a few minor differences in these two straps but they both accomplish the purpose of securing cargo safely to the floors or walls to prevent load shift.

E Track Ratchet Straps are generally stronger than E Track Cam Buckle Straps which causes them to be the favorite for heavy duty hauling with E Track. Cam Buckles, however, are known for their simplistic design that makes securing cargo fast and easy even for beginners. When deciding the best option between the two it is important to take into account the breaking strength and Working Load Limit of each of the straps to make sure that you do not exceed any of the labeled amounts. If both straps meet the necessary specifications then you are free to decide based on personal preference.

E Track Load Bars

E Track Load Bars are most often used with Vertical E Track rails because they give you the ability to move your load bars up and down the entire length of the trailer with one single rail. E Track load bars are a very important aspect of E Track systems. Load shift is a major problem in the trucking industry. Truckers are constantly looking for new ways to eliminate load shift and E Track is effective at doing so. These heavy-duty steel beams are made to withstand the demands of the trucking industry and keep your load safe from start to finish.

We make Load Bars to fit any legally-sized vehicle on the road today! From pickup trucks to semi-trucks we have a bar that will meet your specifications! Our Standard E Track Load Bar is rated with a breaking strength of 2,000 pounds and our Heavy Duty version is rated with a 3,000-pound breaking strength! If you do not think a standard E Track Load bar would be able to contain what you are hauling you may want to consider adding hoops to your bar! We can make any of our Load Bars with aluminum hoops that allow for extra protection against load shift! So when you are hauling smaller boxes and other small items, hoop bars provide you with the extra coverage that you need!

E Track Accessories

A huge reason that people buy E Track is because of the number of attachments that are available for attachment. There are dozens of different ways that you can secure your cargo using E Track. Our D-Rings and O-Rings pair well with S-hooks and Wire hook. Our rope tie-offs can be used to secure cargo using a rope.

We even have wood beam sockets that can be used to create multiple levels in a space. Using the sockets, some 2×4s, and plywood you can create sturdy movable shelves using E Track! These are just a few of the ways that you can take advantage of E Track and make it work for you. It seems like every day we find a new and interesting way that people have been using it! Just be sure to always check the Working Load Limit and breaking strength of any item before you use it for securement!

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