The 4 Elements of E Track

Published on 07/02/19

The 4 Elements of E Track

E Track Rails

E Track Rails are the essential element in any E track system. Without it, no other pieces of the E track system would have anywhere to attach. This is why every piece of E track rail that leaves our warehouse is made from 12 gauge high strength steel material. This strong material ensures that heavy loads stay locked in tightly and securely. Our E track rails come in two different types: Vertical and Horizontal.
E Track Options
Vertical E Track – Vertical E Track is most commonly used in the back of semitrailers and for cargo hauling purposes. Each slot in the rail runs parallel to the rail itself. Vertical E Track is only available in galvanized steel and comes in four different lengths ranging from 2 to 20 feet. Each section contains 3 E-fitting slots per foot of rail. For example, our 2-foot section of E track contains 6 E-fittings. Vertical E Track is most commonly mounted to the walls and is really useful for pairing with E Track Load bars. These rails are compatible with all types of E Track Fittings from E track Straps to Shoring Beams.

Horizontal E Track – Horizontal E Track is most commonly used on enclosed trailers and flatbed trailers. It is often used to tie down small recreational vehicles such as motorcycles and ATVs. The E-fitting slots run perpendicular to the rail. Horizontal E Track is available in four different lengths, ranging from 2 to 10 feet. Each Horizontal E Track section contains 6 E-fitting slots per foot. For example, there are 12 E-fittings in a 2-foot section of Horizontal E Track rails.

Although E Track Rails are commonly used for cargo control, they can be mounted just about anywhere. Garages, sheds, barns, and even pickup trucks are great places to use E Track. E Track is so easy to install that adding it to any area can be done cheaply and easily. Anywhere that you think could use more storage space is a place where E Track Rails can be utilized.

You can even create multiple levels with your E Track rails by using our wood beam sockets and 2×4s to create a plywood platform. As long as you have a good place to mount your rails your options are endless!

E Track Straps

E Track Straps are compatible with E Track rails and a multitude of other E Track accessories. E Track Straps can be utilized by securing to E Track rails on the floor, walls, and ceiling. They can be easily snapped in and out of their securement points on the rails which makes the tied down process quick and easy!

Our E Track Straps can be paired with either Vertical E Track rails or Horizontal E Track rails because both of these rail systems have the same exact attachment points regardless of their orientation.

The two main types of straps used for E Track are Ratchet Straps and Cam Buckle Straps. E Track Ratchet Straps are used often by semi truck drivers as a method of tie-down securement. These straps are used to secure large boxes and other items that are susceptible to load shift. E Track Ratchet Straps are known for having a higher Working Load Limit than E Track Cam Buckle Straps because of the durable construction of the ratchet hardware.

For this reason, they do most of the heavy lifting when it comes to securing larger object using the E Track system. The only negative of E Track Ratchet Straps is the fact that some people think that Ratchet Straps are difficult to work with compared to Cam Buckles. This mostly comes down to personal preference and experience using each one.

E Track Cam Buckle Straps are used exactly the same way as E Track Ratchet Straps. The only difference between the two is their strength and tightening method. The strength of Cam Buckle Straps is slightly decreased due to the reduced strength of the Cam Buckle hardware. What it loses in strength it gains back in ease of use. First-time users of the E Track Cam Buckle Strap will have no problem figuring it out! It is tightened more or less like a belt and prevents overtightening because you can only secure the strap as hard as you can pull.

E Track Load Bars

E Track Load Bars pair nicely with our Vertical E Track rails because they give you the ability to quickly change the height of your load bar in order to adjust for different types of load quickly and easily. If you are looking to create more space in your semi, look no further than out E Track Shoring Beams. These beams can be used to create multiple levels in your semi to maximize the usable space in your trailer. For truckers who depend on their load moving with maximum safety and efficiency, E Track Load Bars are a great tool to have!

In the transportation industry, safety is always a major concern. The safety of your load, the safety of yourself, and the safety of the people around you on the roadways. Falling to prepare by using safety measures is not only irresponsible but extremely dangerous. Large loads of heavy items are susceptible to load shift. Brake too hard or turn too hard one time and your load could go tumbling over causing serious damage.

With E Track Load Bars, load shift becomes an irrelevant issue. E Track load bars are great for securely locking in your load and preventing load shift altogether! For ultimate protection against load shift, combine our E Track Ratchet Straps with our load bars.

If you are looking for a sturdy, durable cargo control solution, E Track Load Bars are for you! The Standard Load Bar on our website has a breaking strength of 2,000 pounds and our Heavy Duty Load Bar has a breaking strength of 3,000 pounds. One thing that a lot of our customers like to add to their bar is hoops. E Track Load Bars with Hoops greatly increase the amount of space that your load bar can cover. This is useful for lighter and smaller boxes that may shift around during transit.

E Track Accessories

E Track is a very versatile tool partly because of the variety of attachments that we provide. There are so many different ways to attach your straps to the existing E Track rails. You can use our Rope Tie-offs that allow you to hook your S-hooks or Snap hooks to the rails. You can use our Dolly Strap to make sure that your dolly is secure in its place. Dolly Straps are becoming more and more common as regulations on storage get more and more stringent.

You can use our Wooden Beam Socket to create a shelf using 2×4s and plywood. We even have a logistic sleeve that can be added to the end of an E Track load bar that adds four E Track slots on the end for maximum versatility! The possibilities are virtually endless with the variety of E Track accessories that we have!

Where to Buy Your E Track Supplies

Shipperʼs Supplies wants to be your one-stop shop for all things E Track! We strive to provide you with the best customer service and find you the best prices on the market no matter what! We take pride in our equipment and we are confident that it will be able to get the job done for you!

If you have any questions about any of our E Track equipment or any cargo control equipment for that matter, give us a call at 800-444-0956 or reach us here via email! We look forward to partnering with you to find the right tool for your cargo control needs!

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