Pro Air All-Metal Inflator Gun

Item# 3800008

Our Pro-Air All-Metal Inflator Gun has a durable aluminum body and an aluminum venturi barrel construction. This helps to improve inflation times compared to other trigger-style dunnage inflators on the market. The Venturi barrel provides a longer and wider tip which provides up to 21.5 meters per second of air compared to trigger styles that can only offer 19 meters per second.

The press tip fit and o-ring design will give you a consistent fit on the Level 1 Dunnage airbag valves every time. The longer trigger also helps provide a more secure grip when filling and deflating bags in harder-to-reach areas. The hook on top of the inflator gun can latch onto various fittings outside loading docks or forklifts for easy accessibility.

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Requires air compressor with airline — NOT included

$45.00 USD