Poly Woven Level 1 TUFFY Square Airbags

Item# 3800002

Poly Woven
Level 1 AAR Certified
100% Recyclable

When you have a large void between your pallets, you need the TUFFY square dunnage airbag. It was designed and manufactured to be the primary function of bracing for large spaces in transport. The square dunnage bags create more product area contact, to keep your load from shifting side to side. These airbags are quick and easy to use and can reduce costs and save time in preparing your load.

They can be used for over the road trucks, overseas containers, rail boxcars, and intermodal rail. They are manufactured with high strength woven polypropylene, which protects the inner bladder. The two-way locking valve makes for easy inflation and deflation of the bags and the valve works with all of our inflators and portable inflators.

Price is for 5 AIRBAGS5 bags per box

$65.00 USD
Airbag Size