PF-CAB Pro Portable Inflator

Item# 3800004

21V Battery
Click-on Automatic Trigger

Our PF-CAB Pro Portable Inflator has a click-on head tip and a click-on automatic trigger to provide a hands-free operation. The ergonomic and lightweight design helps to prevent users from becoming tired from repetitive use and includes a shoulder strap to make carrying the portable inflator a breeze. The capable motor fills the dunnage airbags to the optimum pressure of 2.0 PSI within seconds.

The 21-volt battery can fill up to 60 lightweight Level 1 Dunnage Bags with a size of 36 inches by 48 inches per charge. Once the 21-volt battery is empty it takes approximately two hours to charge fully using the included charger. The cordless design allows you to fill the airbags quickly without the hassle of having to run an airline to each dock door.

The PF-CAB Pro Portable Inflator also includes a rubber grip to provide comfort and prevent the inflator from being dropped. This kit features a 21-volt battery, battery charger, and shoulder strap so you can start using the portable inflator on dunnage bags once you receive it.

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21V Battery, Charger, and Shoulder Strap Included

$329.00 USD