How to Secure a Christmas Tree

Published on 12/22/17

During the Christmas Holiday season one of the most important holiday traditions is the Christmas tree. One of the most sought after traditions can however cause real world problems. Over the past four years, over 200,000 traffic accidents, 39,000 injuries, and 500 deaths can be related to Christmas trees and debris according to AAA.

Here are some holiday tips you can follow this holiday season to help avoid injuries and potential fines up to 5,000 dollars and 16 states who have possible punishment jail time for unsecured loads.

1. Using high quality ratchet straps – No matter what you are transporting it’s always a MUST to have your load secured. This not only prevents injuries to you and other motorists but stops potential loads flying down the road. For most applications we recommend using our 1” wide ratchet straps and 2” wide ratchet straps for the more common purposes.

2. Securing the load correctly – The focus on the load should be evenly spread. The top section, middle section, and bottom section of whatever you are transporting need to all be secured to prevent the load coming off at all end points. Prevent the load coming off at all end points.

3. Looking over – Looking over your ratchet straps looking for any wear, damaged, weathering, corrosion, and other damage is a good idea to make sure the straps you are using are safe to handle another load. After driving for a few miles checking on the load to make sure the load hasn’t shifted at all is a good rule of thumb to follow when transporting goods.

4. Tug test – after securing the load make sure to try the tug test. This allows you to see if the straps need to be tighter. If the load needs to become more secure remove excess slack on the nylon webbing on the ratchet straps.

5. Choosing the right vehicle – wether it be a mini van, SUV, or a truck the load must be safe. Never use arms or someone on top of the load to hold down the items. This is highly dangerous and have dearly consequences.

Shippers Supplies How to Secure a Christmas Tree

These are some of our favorite ways to make sure to stay safe during the holidays! Please feel free to reach out to us if you have any further questions regarding safe ways to transport cargo during the holiday season here.