How Moving Blankets Can Make Your Next Move Easy!

Published on 10/06/21

Moving Blankets that are used for professional moving vans

What are Moving Blankets?

Moving Blankets is one of the staples of the professional moving industry due to the amount of added protection they can offer to wooden, glass, or other sensitive surfaces during a move. Before Moving Blankets were around you would often see brand new dining tables, end tables, wooden surfaces, and glass surfaces become scratched and damaged during moves. Not only did this cost moving companies a lot of money in damage claims through insurance, but it also created a bad reputation with their customer base. Moving Blankets were created for both professional movers and first-time movers to easily use and help prevent damage from sometimes irreplaceable personal belongings.

Moving Blankets do not completely remove the risk of scratching surfaces during a move but they can greatly help reduce the chances of this occurring through the thick layers of heavy-duty fabric that create a shield between sensitive surfaces and personal belongings that could scratch these surfaces. In an enclosed trailer or moving van, it is super easy for a box to shift during a corner, changing lanes, or a sudden brake to cause cargo to move to cause potential scratches. Moving Blankets can go around the cargo with sensitive surfaces within seconds and can be held into place by using moving rubber bands, packers tape, or by using the plastic stretch wrap to hold it in place.

Different kinds of moving blankets weight comparison picture

The Different Levels of Protection of Moving Blankets

Lightweight Moving Blankets - Lightweight Moving Blankets offer the least amount of protection as these blankets use the least amount of layers of fabric in our store. One of the perks of this blanket is they are more affordable, easy to move, and is great for those who are looking for a one-time move or limited-time use. This is great for those who may move once every few years or are looking to move into a more permanent location during a one-time use. The amount of protection these blankets offer is considered a good amount of protection, but it is not our highest in protection and durability.

Traditional Moving Blankets - Traditional Moving Blankets are considered our in-between level of protection of moving blankets and are not the heaviest selection but not the lightest selection of blankets either. These blankets are great for those who are looking to move sensitive surfaces more than several times in the upcoming future and have a pretty good level of durability as well. As these blankets offer a better amount of protection these blankets use more layers of fabric causing the price to be slightly higher per dozen blankets than the lightweight moving blanket counterpart.

Heavy Duty Moving Blankets - Heavy Duty Moving Blankets are the heaviest duty moving blankets that we offer in our online store and provide the highest level of protection for surfaces. These blankets are used for professional movers as the durability on these blankets is much higher than both our Lightweight Moving Blankets and our Traditional Moving Blanket varieties. These Blankets are much heavier in weight compared to Lightweight and Traditional varieties and are made with durability and quality in mind.

Lightweight Moving Blankets Traditional Moving Blankets Heavy Duty Moving Blankets
Size: 72” x 80”Size: 72” x 80”Size: 72” x 80”
Weight per DozenWeight per DozenWeight per Dozen
Approx: 54-64 lbs/dzApprox: 78-87 lbs/dzApprox: 83-93 lbs/dz

Are Cheap Moving Blankets or Expensive Moving Blankets Better?

We often hear of customers asking for advice on if cheap moving blankets or expensive moving blankets are the better blanket for their application and really it depends on a couple of factors. One of the main questions you should ask yourself is are you going to be transporting sensitive surfaces, valuable, irreplaceable, or cargo that is prone to receiving scratches or damage. If you answered yes to any of these you will want to use heavier moving blankets as the risk in doing such does not outweigh the reward from missing out on the extra protection. In most cases, a single dozen moving blankets would be less than an insurance claim or the cost to replace the item that has become damaged.

This is why it is especially true that if you are a professional moving company as to why it is so crucial to invest in preventing damage before the damage happens. By having things such as E Track, E Track Tie Down Straps, and Moving Blankets you can greatly reduce the number of damage claims per year for very little extra time spent on each move. You’ll always have much happier customers when you arrive at the destination without damage to their personal belongings than customers who arrive damage-free. This also will have a much higher chance of repeat customers business with your moving company as they are trusting your knowledge and expertise throughout the moving process.

Door Jamb Protector Pads

Moving Blanket Accessories to make your next Move Easier!

Moving is often categorized with many customers as a stressful life event and it doesn’t have to be. A lot of the ways to make moving easier comes with pre-planning ahead of time before your move-in date if and when it is at all possible. One thing to consider is knowing how many moving blankets, tie-down straps, or boxes you will need in order to move each room. We always tell our customers on focusing on each room as it is much easier to determine small pieces compared to the giant picture being thrown at you all at once.

Door Jamb Protector

Another helpful tip is by labeling every single box that you are moving by the room it is going to be in and what it contains. This makes moving much quicker as when you are unloading the truck at the new destination you can easily and quickly carry the boxes into the new room making organization much easier during your next move. We also highly recommend any professional or first-time mover consider using door jamb protectors as it is an entirely new location scratching door frames or scratching cargo could quickly happen when navigating a turn. Another one of our popular Moving Blanket accessories is our hand truck covers. Hand Truck covers use moving blankets material that easily goes around a hand truck dolly in order to prevent the dolly cart or hand truck from causing scratches while moving. These are extremely affordable and most first-time movers or even professional movers will only need to purchase one or two of these for most moves long term.

How Many Moving Blankets Do I Need?

The answer is it’s quite difficult as some people have more sensitive surfaces and some customers may have fewer. In general, we have found a good estimate for a normal size house to need approximately 5-7 moving blankets per room. Some houses may require more and some may require less but in general, normally one dozen moving blankets per move is fairly accurate as you are unlikely to be transporting an entire house in just one trip for most circumstances.

The type of moving blankets that you use depends on several different factors such a the price to replace each product in the room, the chances of a surface becoming scratched, and also if you are planning on a one-time use or multiple uses with these blankets. All of our moving blankets in our online store are 72 inches by 80 inches in size and the weights per dozen can vary as seen in the table chart above.

Moving Blankets Frequently Asked Questions

Can you machine wash moving blankets after use? – We highly recommend against doing this unless it is extremely necessary. Washing Moving Blankets and especially the lighter weight moving blankets could cause damage to already small holes or general wear and tear.

Are Moving Blankets Waterproof? – No, moving blankets are not waterproof by any means. If your moving blankets become wet they should be air-dried to prevent any chances of mold or mildew from forming over time.

What are Moving Blankets made of? – Moving Blankets are made from a polyester and cotton blend that is sewn together by using s stitch pattern that provides the moving blankets with extra strength and durability.

Soundproofing using moving blankets

Can Heavy Duty Moving Blankets Be used for Soundproofing? – Although this is not the main use for these blankets it is a quite popular alternative use that does indeed work at removing excess sound from rooms with excess noise from echoes or noise population. You can also refer to our full moving blanket soundproofing guide by clicking HERE.

Are Moving Blankets fire retardant? – No, moving blankets are not fire-retardant and are flammable.

Are Moving Blankets Good for Keeping you Warm? – Yes, the thick layers from the fabric in the moving blankets provide a great alternative use of keeping you warm during the winter months and often are a great item to keep in your vehicle in case you become broken down or stuck during the winter months.